Wednesday, February 29, 2012

February Goals

Other than Feb 1st, it appears that leap day is the only other day in February that I am going to get anything posted. This is because February had only one goal. SURVIVAL.

And I do mean survival and not much else...I wanted to get through the days and on to the next one, over and over, until the month was over.

Needless to say, I was not totally in love with my February rotation. The hours were less than desirable, the work was minimal, and while the opportunities to learn were high, the experience of working with some of the residents left something to be desired.

I think that one of my biggest issues was simply that I was totally off on what I expected it to be like. Which is always a set up for disappointment, isn't it? Not to mention a set up for a monthlong case of the grouchies...

But it's leap year! A day that I always thought would be a perfect day to have as a birthday....even though my birthday is in December. And it only comes around every four years, so I feel today should have a little celebration involved. So I'm going to lounge in bed and read, do some sewing (hopefully) and then go for a manicure and pedicure...

Sounds like a pretty good bonus day to me!

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Every January I make a HUGE list of resolutions and goals for the year. probably has at least 50 things on it. It's mostly that I love the satisfaction of checking things off of a list. It's also that I feel like if my list is long enough, that I am bound to get at least a few of the things on it checked off before the end of the year.

Since we are now officially done with the first month of 2012 (and, by the way, how did that happen already?!) I figured it was time to check in and see if there was anything I could check off my list.

January Goals:
*Start training for a half marathon that I am running in mid-April.
Progress? I went to the gym. Twice. But I should get bonus points since both of those trips to the gym required getting up at 4 AM.

*Watch my netflix DVD and send it back to get the next one.'s still sitting on the coffee table. In the same place it was at the beginning of January. Okay, so in the same place it's been since June. Oops. Maybe I'll get it watched before February is done...although it's probably a good thing we have that extra day this year...

*Do a load of laundry a day to prevent a mountain of laundry from forming and threatening to topple over at any moment.
Well...I did do a load of laundry. One day. Maybe two. Needless to say, the size of my laundry pile currently leaves MUCH to be desired.

*Take down the Christmas tree.
I'm pleased to report that as of january 26th this goal has been accomplished. Even though I was considering leaving it up as a Valentine's Day decoration...

*Sign up for my board exam
Halfway done. I signed up for the testing portion, now I just need to enroll in the practical portion.

*Figure out my fourth year rotations
This I actually finished, although not until just last week. I have all of my requests submitted, and I have back up plans for most of the months in case things don't work out the way that I want. Although maybe this is really just 95% done...I do have a few more pieces of paperwork that I need to submit.

*Read at least one book per month.
Not even close. I wish that I could say that I had done this and more...but I sure have not. I have gotten a few more chapters read in the book I have been working on since the fall, but it's not even close to being finished yet. I like reading it and I think that it's super interesting...but by the time I have gotten to bed at night I have fallen asleep before there was any time at all for reading...

All in all, not the best in terms of goals met, but not the worst either. I got most of the important things done, which is definitely better than nothing.

Although I am really counting on that extra day in february to have a big contribution to my productivity...

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