Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Learning New Things

Since I have gotten my new sewing machine I have been a crafting fool. And it turns out the machine does even more than I realized -- it can applique! So clearly I had to learn to do that too...and I have to admit, it was MUCH easier than I expected it to be!

applique 1

For those that have asked, this is the sewing machine that I got. And embroidery with a machine? Is incredibly easy! And fun! And cute! I had thought about getting one for a long time, and I honestly don't know what in the world I was waiting for -- all you do is tell it the design you want and then it does it all on it's own! It's fabulous -- and it makes adorable gifts! I do have a machine that does both embroidery/applique and sewing, but so far I have only used it for embroidery/applique -- I have a regular sewing machine that I use for everything else (you have to change out the feet and part of the base for embroidery/applique vs regular sewing and it's easier for me to just use my other machine).

For anyone that has been considering an embroidery machine, this is one that I definitely recommend -- it's super easy to use...if I can do it, anyone can!

The only other thing that I have made this week is a fuzzy blanket -- one of my coworker's babies ended up in the NICU and was having a bit of trouble keeping her temp up...and since I had some extra flannel and fur around, I knew just the thing to keep her warm :) I am happy to report it worked -- she stayed nice and snuggled and went home today!

Fuzzy Blanket

Now go see what everyone else has been crafting this week at Carrie's...I promise it will put all of my craftiness to shame!

Monday, March 14, 2011

Special Delivery

I would have been better about telling everyone what I've been up to (which, in case you are wondering, is nothing much), but all of my coworkers have decided now is a good time to deliver.

And, well, being there for the arrival of people that I've been anxious to meet is one of the absolute coolest things about my job.

Small Beginnings

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Crafty Tuesday: Sneak Peek

Since it's Tuesday, the interwebs are once again filled with crafty delights for Crafty Tuesday.

And I have something (sort of) to share...or at least a little of something... I am busy at work over a several week break from regular classes, many plans which include things that are highly crafty. But nothing is quite finished yet.

So here is a little sneak peek on what I have been working on since my 8 hour flight from Chicago on Sunday. And for those of you playing along at home, I live in KS. Which is most definitely not normally an 8 hour flight away. But that's a story for another time... So for now, here's a tiny peek at what's been keeping me busy...

For some actual craftiness, head to Carrie's and see what everyone's got to share!