Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Crafty Tuesday: Baby Lucas

I work on the busiest labor and delivery unit in the city, which means that I work with a large number of people.  Recently we have hired several new girls, and one of them was expecting.  Well November and December flew by, and before we knew it, baby Lucas's due date was quickly approaching.  So we decided to have a little baby shower one night at work.  And, because I completely lack the ability to say no, I was in charge of coordinating the shower...and of the group gift. 

I actually didn't mind -- since I am the one with the embroidery machine, I was quite happy to do a few personalized things.  I made a few burp cloths, and then decided that most of the things that I had purchased might be better with Lucas's name stitched on them.  A little name or monogram can turn a thirfty gift into something pretty neat, if I do say so myself!


I put a double monogram onto a market tote and then had the perfect container for all of our goodies!


I was pretty happy with the way everything turned out...but more importantly, so was Lucas's mom!


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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Crafty Tuesday: Birthday Shirt

I swear, if it wasn't for my coworkers I would be SWIMMING in free time.  I'm not complaining...I work with some fabulous people that I really enjoy.  And when they ask me to make them things I am happy to oblige.  I just wish I had a little more notice...it's pretty routine for someone to ask me to make something for them -- and then mention that they need it in less than a week.  I'd probably be wise to start telling people that I need two weeks notice for anything that they want made, but I just can't bring myself to say no.

I'm such a sucker. 

Last year several of my coworkers had babies.  Which means that this year all those babies are having first birthdays!  Paxton was the first little man to have a birthday, and since his mom loves owls, he got an owl shirt.  Tori was the next one to have a birthday, and her mom wanted something pink and girly...just not too girly. 

Not a small request, because there are so many ways to interpret that.  But after several emails back and forth, a design was settled on.  And this was the finished product:


Overall, I was pretty happy with it.  It's not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but given that it's only for one day, I thought it would work just fine!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Crafty Tuesday: Gifts for Lily

My cousin and his wife have a lovely little family, that recently grew by one adorable tiny human.  They had their second baby, a girl.  And one of the best things about new people?  The opportunity to make baby gifts, of course! 

These are the things that I made for Miss Lily. 

I did some burp cloths:




An infant gown:

This was before I added the ribbon in the middle.  At first I thought that I would just leave it like this.  But I really think that the ribbon makes it just a little cuter...

(I don't know why it looks so stretched out in this picture - other than because it's just a quick snapshot with my iphone - in person it's a much more normal shape around the middle where the ribbon is...)

And a set of sibling shirts:



It had been a while since I had stitched a onesie, and I forgot how difficult they can be sometimes, due to their small size!  I also did this after I had spent many hours working on other things, so when the little mistakes happened on the butterfly I decided to keep going and just make it work.  I figured that tiny humans grow pretty fast, so I'm hoping that no one really notices my errors!

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Crafty Tuesday: Burp Cloths

Now I realize that it's actually Wednesday.  But I didn't have time to upload photos yesterday, so crafty wednesday this week it is!

I took a break from sewing...not on purpose, but just because January and February were really hard months for me school/schedule wise.  I hardly had time to remember my own name, let alone get motivated to do anything else. 

But motivated or not, there were a few things that I just had to get finished for gifts.  And burp cloths are an absolutely PERFECT use for my new serger.  Which I picked because I remembered the lovely and amazing Carrie talking about how much she loved hers.  And anything that's good enough for Carrie is MORE than good enough for me...especially when it comes to crafting! 

So these are a few of the first burp cloths that I did with my new serger.  She is a great little machine...or at least she is once I figured out how to thread her -- which I will admit took me almost two hours, many attempts and even more four letter words.  But it was well worth the effort, because having a serger made these SO EASY!



These are so easy and quick to make....a perfect last-minute baby gift!