Sunday, July 31, 2011

Things I've Been Reading

First, let me say that I never realized how much I would love using an e-reader. I have read more books since getting my iPad six month ago than I had in the two years before that. I have always liked to read, but it is so much more convenient when I always have the book with me!

Here are some of the books I have been reading lately:

The Midwife's Confession

Look Again

Save MeThrillers Books)

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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crafty Tuesday - Baby Dresses

It turns out that even though I have been completely consumed with studying and all things board related that the world just keeps on going...who would have thought?!

It seems that everyone I know has been having babies, which of course required baby gifts! I have been quite happily making burp cloths for everyone, but then I saw someone get a gown at a shower I was attending. Super cute gift, but I almost died when I heard how much someone had paid for it.

It was adorable, but I wasn't quite sure it was that adorable. I was also pretty sure it was just a little bit of fabric and some elastic, something that I could surely figure out if I tried.

I was correct. These layette gowns are super easy to make and have been a huge hit as an addition to burp cloths as baby gifts...

To see what everyone else has been creating, visit Carrie's Crafty Tuesday!

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Saturday, July 16, 2011


When I was little, I always thought it would be SO FUN to have a trampoline.

My parents did not really agree. Or maybe they did, but they still wouldn't let me have one.

The beauty of being a grown up is that now I can make my own decisions. That's right, I got myself a trampoline.


I figured it was mostly just fabric stretched out with springs on a metal hard is that to assemble?


Holy hell Harder than you think.

It took two of us almost six hours. In nearly 90 degree heat.

Of course the fact that a three month old and a six year old were "helping" might have made it a tad bit harder...

But's so much fun, and totally worth it!

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Saturday, July 2, 2011


I am a labor nurse.

Pregnant women show up at the hospital, sign in, are taken to a room, and then I appear. Determining whether it's time for a baby to come or not, if it is time for an epidural or not, if the baby looks okay or not....these are the decisions that people -- perfect strangers -- leave up to me. I am experienced, I am knowledgable, and I am confident when I make decisions and recommendations. I tend not to get overly excited about things going wrong...there are very few things that a little time and a few interventions can't fix. I have patients I adore, I have patients who make me crazy, and I have patients whose status cause my hair to grey...sometimes a lot. I am surrounded by coworkers who are brilliant and caring and always available to help and offer advice and assistance.

While I have been present for the deliveries of people I know, they are almost always people I have (or currently) work with. Which means that, even though they are a patient in a given situation, they still have the knowledge to understand things from the standpoint of medical personnel, even if they don't like it.

A few weeks ago, two classmates of mine had a baby. They had asked me several months ago if I would come in for their delivery, and I had agreed. Their baby was quite happy inside, so they had been scheduled as an induction. I made all the necessary arrangements and went in to work for their induction. And it taught me something very important:

It is incredibly stressful and overwhelming to take care of - and be responsible for - people that you know.

It doesn't mean I took 'better' care of them than I do my other patients, but there was definitely an added stress of feeling responsible for everything that happened. A stress that I had completely underestimated.

But after a long day and a few grey hairs for me, I think that everyone agrees that the end result was absolutely worth it. Welcome to the world, baby Sophia. You are such a lucky girl to be so loved!

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Friday, July 1, 2011

Gone In A Flash

It's the first. OF JULY. I swear that just yesterday it was May...

I never ceased to be amazed at how fast time goes -- you blink and a month has gone by...or two, in this case. Since May, I feel like I have done nothing but study. Constantly. I guess having board exams to pass will do that to a girl...

I took my first board exam last Friday. And it was...rough. An 8 hour exam is just not a fun experience. Not that anyone expects to enjoy such a thing. So now I have one more board exam to take next Friday, and then I am free or three glorious weeks of summer vacation. That I will spend working. But whatever...the idea of not studying sounds perfect right about now.

Assuming I passed, of course. But who wants to get caught up in details like that?!

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