Saturday, April 30, 2011


628 days

11 sections

12 midterms

11 finals

12 OCS practicals

52 hours of pathology lab

72 hours of anatomy lab

128 hours of OCS lab

1055 hours of lecture

3000 hours of studying

And this is the last weekend (with any luck) that I will spend studying for a medical school final. The last day of lecture is over, the last lab is done. I still have a lot of studying left to do, both for next week and for boards in June (YIKES!), but when I look at all the other numbers, a little bit longer doesn't seem so bad.

If you would have told me what all of this would be like before I started I never would have run screaming in the other direction never believed you. What a journey.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Loving My Sewing Machine

When I got my machine a few months ago, I had no idea how much I would end up loving it. For anyone who things that they might want an embroidery machine, I can't recommend one enough!

My only regret is that I wish I would have gotten a bigger machine!

Here are a few of the things I have been making lately:

A big, fluffy towel. The font can be found here.

The cutest elephant. The design is from Applique Cafe -- she has the CUTEST designs, I want them all!

A girly version of the elephant.

A boyish shirt for the son of one of my coworkers. I am not super crazy about the designs that I picked for the fish, but it's still pretty cute...right? Another Applique Cafe design! And the font is from's one of my favorites!

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Monday, April 25, 2011


I moved away from St Louis when I went to college, but most of my family still lives there. There have been a few visits from my parents or my sisters in the years that I have lived away from home, but not too many -- since I go home on the holidays that I am not working, I haven't had too many visitors. Which is not a woe is me thing, it's really just fact.

But my youngest cousin was in town a few weeks ago to play in a lacrosse tournament. Since the team only drove up for the day on the bus, most of the families (including my aunt and uncle) didn't make the trip -- not that I blame them, driving four hours each way to watch some lacrosse games doesn't sound too fun to me either. I was working all weekend, but luckily one of the games started at 3, so I could go before I had to head back to work...after all, I couldn't pass up the chance to see someone who actually came to where I live (even if it was only for a few hours!)

The pups were VERY excited that I not only woke up much earlier than I normally do, but that they actually got to go with me on a little car trip. And the weather outside was GORGEOUS!

04.09.11 - Jamie's Lacrosse Game (3 of 42)

04.09.11 - Jamie's Lacrosse Game (8 of 42)

04.09.11 - Jamie's Lacrosse Game (9 of 42)

And this is my absolute favorite picture from the game:

04.09.11 - Jamie's Lacrosse Game (17 of 42)
If you look closely, you can see the facial expression of the other player (in the white shirt), who is being slammed squarely in the gut by my cousin's lacrosse stick. Hey, sometimes agressiveness runs in the family...

Saturday, April 23, 2011


My very favorite thing about Thursdays is my standing lunch date with my favorite baby and her mom.

Thursday Lunch Date!

While I can't wait for her mom to come back to work, a 3 hour lunch once a week sure does wonders to brighten a week! :)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Lesson In Laundry

I have a lot of clothes, which means that I can go for an eternity quite a while without doing laundry. This is most definitely a good thing, as laundry is not high on my list of enjoyed household tasks.

But I think I might have learned my lesson.


Seriously. From laundry.

I was walking into the laundry room to let the dogs out yesterday, and there was a pile of laundry waiting to go into the washing machine. And, you guessed it, I stepped on one of the laundry items. And went flying.

And later that night got to take a trip to the ED. And walked out like this:


Stylish, don't you think?

*I am hopefully going to be able to lose this stylish accessory on Wednesday after I see the orthopedic surgeon. Who is *hopefully* going to tell me that I am just fine, just a klutz.

A klutz who should keep more on top of her laundry.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Hippity Hoppity

Easter's on it's way!

And what does Easter bring besides church frills and lace chocolate bunnies a sugar coma other than Easter shirts?!



And what could be better than some matching pretty pink bunnies?!

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

New Hobby...Just What I Needed, Right?!

So I have a bit of a new obsession hobby -- appliqué. It's one of the many things my machine does, and I LOVE it! I can do it for hours and enjoy myself. And?! It turns out people WANT me to make things for them. That they want to PAY for. With, you know, ACTUAL money.

Totally crazy.

These are the things that I made for a coworker, who wanted some things tomgive to a friend for a baby gift. I was pretty happy with how things turned out. And - more importantly - so was she!


applique patch

purse girl

shoe girl

blue hearts

What has everyone else been crafting these days? I can't wait to see!