Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fashion Don't

I am not a fashion expert - I would never claim to be. Believe me, I have had MORE than my fair share of unfashionable moments. 1980s, need I say more?

But every once and a while, I run across someone who makes me look like America's Next Top Model...even when I run across them while wearing work out clothes.

I only got a shot from the back of her stellar interesting outfit choice, but I will provide a description as well...I'm thoughtful like that.

Picture this:
*Candy Red Lipstick
*Earrings that reached the shoulders
*A skin tight t shirt with a nice amount of flab excess skin hanging out showing.
*A denim mini skirt that left very little to the imagination

And the rest of if you can see in the photo.

Chuck E Cheese - 01.30.09 (71 of 71)

Heels, LEG WARMERS, and a white fur coat.


Now, doesn't everyone feel better about what they are wearing today? I know I do!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You're Never Too Old For Pinatas

The secretary for the Bioethics Department is AMAZING. And we're all pretty sure that without her, nothing would ever get done.

So on her half birthday we decided that a celebration was in order...Deb Day!

There were decorations:

Deb Day - 04.03.09 (40 of 43)

There was food:

Deb Day - 04.03.09 (6 of 43)

Deb Day - 04.03.09 (7 of 43)

There was cake:

Deb Day - 04.03.09 (19 of 43)

There was a pinata!

Deb Day - 04.03.09 (24 of 43)

Deb Day - 04.03.09 (34 of 43)

Deb Day - 04.03.09 (37 of 43)

Deb Day - 04.03.09 (38 of 43)

And there were good times had by all. Proof that you're never too old for a little bit of pinata fun!

Deb Day - 04.03.09 (39 of 43)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Summary Saturday 2009: Project 365, Week 16

April 11:


April 12:


April 13:


April 14:


April 15:


April 16:


April 17:


PAD 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009


I swear, I will never understand how time can move so fast. Every time I blink, I feel like I am missing things - life moving at breakneck speed, never slowing for a moment. Did it always feel like that?

And now, for the quick and dirty bullet form!

  • I went to a spinning class this morning. Lesson learned? I don't like spinning class.
  • I woke up in a horrible mood this morning. Aforementioned spin class did not help improve mood.
  • This week is my last week of night classes. HOORAY! I am crazy excited to have an evening at home next week...there are almost no words to describe how great just the possibility of a night at home feels.
  • My excitement at being done with classes tonight is only slightly tempered by the fact that my time off will be spent writing my thesis.
  • I am horribly behind on everyone's Picture a Day and Best Shot Monday posts...but I plan on using tomorrow to catch up -- I promise!

Happy Thursday!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Best Shot Monday - The Beauty of Grief

Baby VanRoekel - 04.18.09 (82 of 82)

Baby VanRoekel - 04.18.09 (2 of 82)

For more best shots, see what's being shared at Tracey's!


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Summary Saturday 2009: Better Late Than Never

Good morning!

I promise I didn't forget about Summary Saturday -- I'm even up to date on taking my PAD! I know - I can hardly believe it either.

Due to the way that things have been going at work lately, I have held my week of photos to post next week - with the hopes that having a week that I can get ready way ahead of time will make scheduling the posts for first thing Saturday will be easier.

But I can't wait to see YOUR week in photos, since the rest of you are way more on top of things than I am!

Friday, April 17, 2009



A concept that everyone knows about. "He's down on his luck," you might hear. "There's no such thing as luck," says someone else. "Some guys have all the luck," goes the song.

There are lucky charms that you carry, lucky charms that you eat. Lucky pennies. Lucky numbers. There is good luck and there is bad luck.

On almost a daily basis I look around and wonder how in the world I got so lucky. I have a wonderful life: friends I adore, an education that I worked hard for, and a job that, even when stressful, I truly enjoy and am good at.

I don't have any good luck charms, but I do have this four leaf clover taped to my desk. Garrett found it for me almost two years ago "to cheer me up" when I found out a good friend had significantly advanced cancer. How he found that one four leaf clover in a field of thousands, I'll never know. But he was so proud of finding it, and it did cheer me up. I promised that I would hold onto it, because sometimes you need all the luck you can get.

Almost two years have passed, and I have kept my promise - I've still got that four leaf clover, and I see it several times a day; I run my fingers over it every time I sit down to work. Today, in the span of a few hours, several friends have taken turns for the worse and started hospice care - the chances of them surviving more than a few days is minimal, at best. I'm incredibly sad to have to say goodbye, although I am thankful that there will be an end to their suffering and pain.

And I am reminded, yet again, of just how lucky I am.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I Love My Job...

I love my job. I love my job. I love my job.

Sometimes I need to remind myself of this. Because really? I do love my job. I enjoy pregnant people, I love the adrenaline rush that comes with emergencies, and I really love new people.

But sometimes?

Sometimes it is easy to forget that I love my job. There are too many patients and not enough nurses. There are three patients on the way in and no clean rooms. There are babies that are sick, there are moms that are sick. Patients who aren't compliant, families who just don't understand. Emotions run high for everyone, and stress levels are pushed to the max. There are 4 AM phone calls pleading for help.

The last few weeks have been especially rough. We always seem to be busy. Which, by the way, is another thing I love about my job. Security. Because there are always going to be babies. Yay for job security!

I really do love my job...sometimes I just need a reminder...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Best Shot Monday - Worth Every Penny

It doesn't matter how much the Wii or the Wii Fit cost...seeing my 90-something year old great aunt playing it on Easter made it worth every single cent!




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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Summary Saturday 2009: Project 365, Week 15

April 4:


April 5:


April 6:


April 7:


April 8:


April 9:


April 10:


PAD 2009

Friday, April 3, 2009

Summary Saturday 2009: Project 365, Week 13 & 14

First, a note on PAD 2009. Due to scheduling conflicts, Kimberly has asked me to begin hosting PAD 2009. So here it is!

If you would like to play along, leave your link in comments! And if you would like the code for the new button, send me an email at andtheducksaid [at] gmail [dot] com!

Since I was behind with posting for the month of March, here are the last two weeks. And now I'm all caught up again.

March 21:


March 22:


March 23:


March 24:


March 25:


March 26:


March 27:


March 28:


March 29:


March 30:


March 31:


April 1:


April 2:


April 3:


PAD 2009

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Itty Bitty

Several of you have asked who the teeny tiny little ones are.




And many of you guessed correctly, they are from work. One of the things that we provide for parents who lose their babies, along with prints and molds, is photos. And that has become one of my unofficial tasks. And that is where these have come from. All of these families hopes, remembered as teeny, tiny little feet.