Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Crafty Tuesday - Shirts for Lindsey

One of my coworkers has a daughter that is mildly autistic. She loves orange, so I had made her some shirts in the fall with her name on them. It turned out that she loved them, and was still wearing them, even though pumpkin shirts tend not to be in fashion in the summer time (although anyone that has worked with three year olds knows, being stylish is not really a battle that is worth fighting). So I decided it was time for me give her a few that were updated.

Ruby Slippers

Pink Anchor


The name in the last one is a little off center, but that's what happens when you are doing something as you rush out the door for work and want to take the thing you are sewing with you...

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Crafty Tuesday - Monthly Onesies

Like I have said before, I am always on the lookout for good ideas for baby gifts, since I know so many people having babies. I have found it to be a challenge to come up with some gifts when people don't share the name of their baby before the birth, or when they don't know what they are having. This is mostly tough for me because I do mostly personalized gifts, which are usually gender specific. Not to mention that a lot of my baby gifts go to coworkers, so I don't feel like I can give the same gift to people, I feel like I have to change things up a bit.

I have seen the monthy onesie stickers that you can purchase and stick on a onesie to document the first year and how a baby grows. I thought those were cute, but I was pretty sure that stitched onesies would be even cuter! I knew that this baby was a boy, but not his name. I tried to match the fabrics to the holidays that occur during that month (I knew when the baby would be born, because I knew she was scheduled for an induction), so I used orange for October, brown for November, etc.

I have to say, these onesies were quicker to do than I expected! Which was a very nice surprise indeed, since onesies are often a bear to stitch on due to the small size. And I was pleased with the final result. And more importantly, so was my coworker!

These are the first six months, because I didn't start making them until the afternoon of the shower, so it turned into a mad dash just to finish and I did not have time to take pictures of the last half of the group of onesies. But you get the idea anyway:

Monthly Onesie - 0

Monthly Onesie - 1

Monthly Onesie - 2

Monthly Onesie - 3

Monthly Onesie - 4

Monthly Onesie - 5

Monthly Onesie - 6

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Crafty Tuesday - Baby Karlee

Several months ago there was someone on a forum that I am a member of who was clearing out some of her stock of bags. I thought that they were super cute, so I snatched them up, completely unsure of what I was going to do with them.

They sat in my closet for quite a while, until one of my former coworkers had a baby girl. And, coupled with a set of burp cloths, it makes a nice gift!

Karlee Bag

Karlee Burp 3

Karlee Burp 4

Karlee Burp 1

Karlee Burp 2

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Crafty Tuesday - Baby Miles

My coworker had her second son, who surprised us all and showed up six weeks early! He was just as adorable as if he would have been fully cooked though, and he deserved a few things to make him stand out from the other babies in the nursery!

Miles Burp 1

Miles Burp 2

Miles Burp 3

Miles Gown

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