Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Crafty Tuesday: Baby Lucas

I work on the busiest labor and delivery unit in the city, which means that I work with a large number of people.  Recently we have hired several new girls, and one of them was expecting.  Well November and December flew by, and before we knew it, baby Lucas's due date was quickly approaching.  So we decided to have a little baby shower one night at work.  And, because I completely lack the ability to say no, I was in charge of coordinating the shower...and of the group gift. 

I actually didn't mind -- since I am the one with the embroidery machine, I was quite happy to do a few personalized things.  I made a few burp cloths, and then decided that most of the things that I had purchased might be better with Lucas's name stitched on them.  A little name or monogram can turn a thirfty gift into something pretty neat, if I do say so myself!


I put a double monogram onto a market tote and then had the perfect container for all of our goodies!


I was pretty happy with the way everything turned out...but more importantly, so was Lucas's mom!


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Arizaphale said...

Incredible productivity!!! As a mum I would have adored that gift. You must feel SO pleased with the results of your labour.