Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Crafty Tuesday: Burp Cloths

Now I realize that it's actually Wednesday.  But I didn't have time to upload photos yesterday, so crafty wednesday this week it is!

I took a break from sewing...not on purpose, but just because January and February were really hard months for me school/schedule wise.  I hardly had time to remember my own name, let alone get motivated to do anything else. 

But motivated or not, there were a few things that I just had to get finished for gifts.  And burp cloths are an absolutely PERFECT use for my new serger.  Which I picked because I remembered the lovely and amazing Carrie talking about how much she loved hers.  And anything that's good enough for Carrie is MORE than good enough for me...especially when it comes to crafting! 

So these are a few of the first burp cloths that I did with my new serger.  She is a great little machine...or at least she is once I figured out how to thread her -- which I will admit took me almost two hours, many attempts and even more four letter words.  But it was well worth the effort, because having a serger made these SO EASY!



These are so easy and quick to make....a perfect last-minute baby gift!

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