Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Happy Halloween!

I adore holidays - that should come as no surprise. I love the decorating, the celebrating, the whole thing. I won't go so far as to say that Halloween is my favorite holiday, but I still enjoy it quite a bit.

And so I offer you a montage of Halloween - mostly from long ago. Although I do not have access to pictures from every year (because most are at my parents house several hours away), I did manage to find a few gems...

Like my very first Halloween - I was an angel. Obviously my true nature was clear, even from a young age.

Angel Maggie
You might think that I was crying because I wasn't excited about the holiday. You would be wrong - I was really crying because I was coming to the realization that my parents were incredibly dorky.
Mom and Dad in Costume - 1981
If you realized that you came from that, you would probably be crying too.
And while I am obviously always an angel, I don't always dress as one.
Sometimes I'm an artist.
Artist Maggie
Or Snow White.
Snow White Maggie
Yes, I realize that I was the ugliest child ever. Don't remind me.
Apparently being the ugliest child ever didn't scar me too terribly, as I have been known to dress as a Disney Princess on more recent occasions.
Maggie and Natalie Maggie and Holly
And although I am sure that you are quite distressed that you have missed my full Halloween history, perhaps it will be something to look forward to next year. And I will also leave you with a shining example of why I am forced to spoil my pets the majority of the year. Because on certain occasions I can be totally cruel to them.
Pumpkin Joey
Can you tell how excited he is to be dressed as a pumpkin?
And my personal favorite - the Halloweenies!
Maggie and the Halloweenies
Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

i would hardly say you were ugly! such a cute little tribute. happy halloween!

Maya said...

You were NOT the ugliest kid ever!

Happy Halloween!

Arizaphale said...

Well I for one thoroughly enjoyed that Halloween walk down memory lane!! And you deserve slapping for suggesting you were an ugly kid!! You have obviously not seen my post (a meme) on "The Face Behind the Blog:How I Grew Up in 10 pictures". Now THAT is some seriously ugly kid!!! And I adore your dorky parents too :-D
Great post. More please

Arizaphale said...

ps: 'you deserve slapping' is a kind of joke expression here in Aus..I didn't realise how blunt it looked til it was down in print! :-)