Saturday, January 5, 2008

Project 365, Week 1

Because I thought I needed just one more thing to do Because I like taking pictures, I said I would join in Project 365 with Natalie. I think it sounds like fun, although somewhat of a challenge. But it will be least until I forget a day and start to feel horribly guilty. Which hopefully won't be until at least February...

Natalie also had the great idea of using Saturday to post 7 images from the week, rather than posting one every day. I am ALL FOR this idea, for two reasons. 1. It means that I don't have to act like I am going to post every day for a year...because we all know that isn't going to happen. And 2. It means that if I happen to forget to take a shot of something one day, that I could do it the next day and no one would be the wiser. Well, except for the fact that I would probably feel guilty and fess up, but other than that no one would know.

In any case, let us commence with my project 365, week 1 (which only has 5 pictures since the year started on a Tuesday).

January 1:
Grandma Molitor

January 2:
Marlow and her hammer

January 3:
Good Afternoon Garrett

January 4:
Paint Me a Story (11)

January 5:
Crown Center (2)

So I suppose the question is now, do I need to use captions with the shots? Or just leave the shots as they are and let people make up their own? I am decidedly undecided on this. Hmmm...


natalie said...

Yeah!! Good for you for jumping on the bandwagon!!!

I think leave them untitled. Or if you're DYING to tell us the story, then go ahead and give us a little caption.

And even better for you for not relying on your kids for subjects!!

I've decided that I"m going to give this my best shot (no pun intended). If I miss a day, who cares? Surely I'll have something else to pull from so there will be seven pictures each week. My goal is to grow as a photographer and to try to record the little moments, the big moments, the details, and the big picture. I also want to document how I'm simplifying our lives.

'Fess up when you want, keep your secrets when that works for you, too.

Thanks for joining me on the journey! I can't wait to see where we stand on Jan. 1, 2009!

Unknown said...

I kind of like not having captions, too! I like just seeing it through your eyes and coming to my own conclusions.

Kudos to you - I look forward to Saturdays!

Anonymous said...

What a totally awesome idea! You could publish it into a book at the end of each year, like through Snapfish or whatever.

I think you could leave them without captions, and just do captions when they occur to you and/or you feel like it.

Trish said...

You're off to a great start! I love these!

Unknown said...

Oh good heaven's. I would have to start a whole new blog for this project. I take WAY too many pictures as it is. Just check my scrapbook pile that is 2 years behind. LOL

Great pics though!

Arizaphale said...

Good for you! I am impressed by your commitment. Nice set of photos for your first week. I love your garlands on the banisters. I used to do that in the UK too.