Saturday, May 24, 2008

Two Whole Years



Today you're two. And when I look back at you last year on your birthday, I can hardly believe how much you've grown up. You have most certainly transitioned from a baby to a full fleged toddler.

You are indpenedent and love to do things yourself - from washing the dishes to fastening your car seat straps, you are positively horrified if you don't get to at least help with the process. You love to do what the big boys are doing, and your big brother loves you so much that he is (almost) always more than happy to let you join in. The two of you are built in best friends, and you seem to love each other more every day.


You can run and jump and climb like a pro - and, as everyone notices, you are ALL BOY. You are rough and tumble, loud, and active. But you are never to busy for a hug or a kiss. And you still love to cuddle and be held. There are some days that I think my arms might break off from carrying you around, but one glance at you running to join in with the big kids and it's easy to see that the days of you wanting to be held will be over soon.


You love to go to gym class, and can tell where we're going as soon as we start to pull into the parking lot. You love to go to the park and the playground, as long as Garrett, Jacob and Ben are going to be there too. You are easy going, but quick point out (often loudly) when you don't like something. You love to ride bikes, go for runs, and sing and dance to Funky Mama...the Fire Song is your current favorite, and we listen to it no less than 16 times a day. You love to jump on the trampoline, feed the ducks, and read books.


There are days that are challenging and that I tell you I might just sell you on e-bay, which you tend to find absolutely hilarious. Apparently you are well aware of the fact that you won't be going anywhere. You are learning to test your limits and define who you are, which is both completely maddening and magical to watch at the same time.


There is no one I would rather spend my days with than you and your brother. I can't wait for all the things that the next year will bring. You make me melt, keep me busy, and remind me how joyful all the little things can be. I love you to pieces.


Kimberly said...

All I can say is Awwww! Such love for your little boy. :) He's lucky to have you for his Mommy!

Lara said...

happy birthday to a great little man.

Arizaphale said...

Happy Birthday Bennett! Two is such a great age. Hope Mummy survives it!! :-D

Brittany said...

Happy 2nd Bday little guy! So handsome! :)

Christina said...

Awww! Happy birthday, Bennett! This is such a sweet tribute. And awesome photos of this past year. Love his cool hair!

Maya said...

Happy Birthday to Bennett!!! Such a sweet letter!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday, B! (Sorry we are so late with the wishes!) Hope this year is even better than the last!