Friday, July 25, 2008

A Bit of Friday Randomness

I am currently one day into the Minnesota vacation adventure. Which, I should point out, involves camping. At this time I will also mention that I don't camp. I know that lots of people do, but those people are not me. I like the out of doors - to look at, from the inside. Preferably with a nice, refreshing drink in my hand...of the adult variety.

Luckily beverages of the adult variety will be included on this outdoor experience.

But for something fun to do, check out the fun thing I saw at Jenny's blog the other day! Poor girl, I win her blog contest and then won't leave her alone. Sorry Jenny!

wordle cloud

It's a wordle cloud! You can type in your blog address, and it will make you a cloud of your very fun is that?! Now quick, go make one and post it so that I can see!


Brittany said...

Ohh I love that wordle thing! I tried it and it didn't work over here. I need to have more time to do whatever it's telling me to do with java.

Have a great weekend, Maggie!

Christina said...

I don't camp either. You have my sympathy. HA!

Wordles really are fun!

Unknown said...

I played with the Wordles when GoLightly had it on her blog awhile back, but I forgot to post it...I'll try to do one this weekend again. They are fun!

I am all down with trying camping with the girls, maybe next summer...

Dawn said...

I had me a little Wordle fun just now, so thanks for the link! I guess this is something that can be used for cards & stuff too, right?

Stacy said...

Yeah, both me and the hubby agree on the camping thing. We registered for sleeping bags for our wedding over ten years ago and have yet to use them. I don't know why we registered for them?? For me camping is going to a Motel 6...I much prefer the nicer places for vacations. ;)