Wednesday, October 24, 2007


There are some days that seem to go on forever when at home with toddlers. Not that I'm complaining, I'm just pointing out the obvious. Because things that aren't obvious often go right over my head.

One of the things that tends to fill our day is the boys playing pretend. There are few things that Garrett gets more enjoyment out of than dressing up as one thing or another. He is also obsessed with swords, making a knight the perfect costume. And until recently, not a possibility, as we were lacking a knight outfit. But no more!

Garrett the Knight

There is also armor and a shield, but if that were incorporated, then the pirate hook would look out of place. Didn't you know that when they weren't slaying dragons that most knights moonlighted as pirates?

Bennett the Knight 1

Bennett the Knight 2

Bennett, however, is a slightly more traditional knight. He doesn't have a hook. Probably because the puppy stole it from him and was tearing around the room with it, but whatever.

On occassion, even I am included in the pretend fun. Before Garrett took this picture (and while I was having a heart attack that a toddler was holding my camera and attempting to use it over a hard surface on which it could break if dropped), he very carefully arranged not only the hat and how I was holding the sword (and the hook, although you can't see it), he also moved my hair around. Because apparently, in addition to moonlighting as pirates, knights are supposed to be fashionable.

Maggie the Knight

This is included partially because yesterday niobe was asking people if they ever posted pictures of themselves, and I thought that the responses were interesting. And I also realized that there are very few pictures of me.


Anonymous said...

Oh my - that was a great way to start the day! LOL!!

The pirate/knights are my favorite! And yeah, not nearly enough pics of me either (not that I'm narcissistic or anything), must work on that.

Anonymous said...

Love the costume. My 4-year old and 2-year old love pretend fighting, too. My favorite so far is how they pretend to be Transformer Autobots and Decepticons.

They'll actually pretend to transform from a car (or an airplane) into a robot -- and they do robotic voices.


Anonymous said...

Oh, they are SO CUTE!

no way said...

I followed a link from "a happier girl," to get here. I had to comment on the blue penguin pj's. My son wore those last winter, and they bring back sweet memories! Looks like fun!