Friday, December 28, 2007

Off the Naughty List

We all know that Santa is a major list maker (which I can respect, because I also make a lot of lists) - one list for the nice and one list for the naughty. It would never surprise me to be on the naughty list, but this year I was CLEARLY on the good girl list...because look at all the great treats I got!


A stone, hand painted sign with the Gaelic 'welcome' on it. What, you mean that you aren't surprised to find that I am Irish? Please, tell me - was it the freckles, the bright green eyes, or the red hair that gave it away?!


HUGE and fluffy bath sheets to replace my boring, old, and regular sized towels.


A sudoku game (although I am not sudoku crazy like most people) that looks like it could be maddening enough to make me completely insane fun to work on. I also got several other games, but I think you get the idea.


Cookbooks! I love to cook...


And I Kitchenaid Mixer! I am highly excited about this, because it will make baking things so much more fun easier!

My big gift from the boys is a gorgeous diamond and sapphire ring, but I had to have it sized, so you'll just have to wait to see that bit of beauty...but trust me, it's worth waiting for!


Maya said...

You were a very good girl indeed! What wonderful gifts!

Stacy said...

What a lucky lady! I'm a tad Irish, as well, and I love that sign. :D

Unknown said...

Oh, I love the sign - but that Kitchen Aid mixer will change. your. life.

I use mine at least 3x a week. I LOVE it - it was by far my most favorite gift about 5 Christmases ago.

We expect to see great baking things coming out of your kitchen now!

Happy New Year...

Trish said...

Wow! Great stuff!

Arizaphale said...

WOW!! What a lucky girl you are!! I covet that mixer and I don't even bake!!!! Can't wait to see the ring :-) You must have been a very good girl indeed!
I have red hair (originally), freckles and bright green eyes too but mine are from the North East of England where all the Viking looting and pillaging took place. Where will you put your stone?