Wednesday, January 9, 2008

It's A Thin Line...

...between love and hate.

I hate:

  • Photoshop. It might just be the most aggrevating program ever created. Not to mention that it doubles as a giant, time sucking vortex.

  • whining. Serioulsy, if I could have a day where no one whines for me or at me, I would consider it the best day ever.

  • cartoons. How much cartoon action can a girl take during the day? Saying no to cartoons can lead to whining - see above.

  • the computer. Sometimes I wonder where all my time disappears to. Then I realize that a significant portion of it has been spent in front of a computer screen, for any number of important reasons.

I love:

  • Photoshop. It can turn a mediocre shot into a great one. Not to mention fix flaws...and all sorts of other cool things. I heart Photoshop.

  • being needed. It's nice to be useful, even if the sounds of being useful sometimes sound like nails on a chalkboard whining.

  • cartoons. Because sometimes you just need those 24 50 120 precious minutes of peace.

  • the computer. You must have a computer to blog, and to read blogs. And to use photoshop. The computer is the best invention ever.

  • blogging. Because it is the thing I never knew I was missing, until it wasn't missing any more. For all sorts of reasons, including the fact that it is filled with people who brighten my day EVERY day.


brandy said...

Being needed. I love that one because it's so damn true. Everyone feels better when they feel like they are vital.

Wow. I'm getting all deep here.. I better quit.

Unknown said...

Maggie - You could have written this post for me today.


ESPECIALLY the whining.
God. Make. It. Stop.

Arizaphale said...

Well said. I know the time vortex thing VERY well and I don't even HAVE photoshop :-D. And next to whining I want to list NOT PICKING UP AFTER THEMSELVES!!!!! This one goes from the oldest member of the family down! And it does NOT make me feel needed...just taken for granted. :-(

Dawn said...

i like that you included the upside of things. that's something i need to be working on more. :) yes, the computer is a time sucker but it brings me peace. so that's why i keep flocking to it.