Saturday, May 31, 2008

Summary Saturday: Project 365, Week 22

May 24:

May 24

May 25:

May 25

May 26:

May 26

May 27:

May 27

May 28:

May 28

May 29:

May 29

May 30:

May 30


Trish said...

These are all awesome! The cool feel, the angle and the simplicity of the Bacardi picture really caught my eye! Well done!

Dawn said...

i love them all this week.

you've inspired me to do the picture-a-day thing. hopefully i'll start soon. i have loved every week's post with your pics!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures. I am also doing a project 365. I was posting them daily, but it got to be too much. One weekly post is a great idea!

Sarah said...

LOVE that last one! Makes me wish I was there in the water spray too!

chaoticfamily said...

Oh my goodness - such fabulous photos... Love the balloons and the bacardi.

Have a great week!

Blueberry said...

i like the bowling one- very cute!

niobe said...

Love the liquids -- the Barcardi and the H2O.

Maya said...

Hmmm...wondering what you did with that Bacardi? :)

Arizaphale said...

Oh? So it isn't what you are tipping over his head in the last shot?
Love that last shot btw...

natalie said...

Wanna share some of that Bacardi?

I've got my pictures...will post tomorrow morning before my BSM shot.

As always, AWESOME job.

Christina said...

fun times! I enjoy seeing the lifecycle of your yellow rose. How'd the boys do at bowling? I've been thinking about taking my 2 year old, hubby doens't think she could do it, tho

Kimberly said...

So many great shots! The Bacardi pic looks so commercial (which is a compliment in my book). And the last water shot. So fun!