Sunday, June 29, 2008

As Requested: Photo Details

Kimberly asked in the comments, and a few others have emailed me and asked for the specifics on this shot, so here you go:

June 12

Shutter Speed: 1/100 sec.
ISO 800

And in the interest of full disclosure, I will admit that I was on my way home in the midst of a tornado warning, and had the camera out in an attempt to get a good shot of a rather impressive cloud line in the distance. This shot was taken haphazardly on the highway - I just held the camera up and shot out the windshield - and I really like how it turned out. So there you have it - the details of my lucky shot!


Unknown said... is awesome! a lucky shot indeed.

Christina said...

Don't you love those "lucky" shots! Sweet serendipity!

niobe said...

This is one of my favorite shots ever.

Maya said...

Lucky shots are the best and this one is awesome! In a tornado warning too!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Beautiful shot. I'm always amazed at how the glass of my DIRTY car window doesn't compromise those lucky shots! Well done.

Jaimee said...

I sometimes feel like 1/2 of my good shots were lucky ones! :)

This one was absolutely beautiful!

Cara said...

I love the shot, it even better that it was a suprise.