Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Story of Saturday - Alternate Title: Feel Free To Laugh At Me

Ok, so maybe it wasn't as bad as I am making it out to be. And in hindsight, it wasn't as bad as it felt at the time.

But at the time it was rather trying.

A snippet:

6:45 am - Garrett wakes up.

7:15 am - Garrett dumps chocolate milk all over the floor. Under the couch. How? I have no idea.

7:30 am - Bennett wakes up.

Breakfast, etc. No major trauma ensues.

8:45 am - I got upstairs to get clothes for the day. Garrett POOPS ON THE FLOOR. Oh yes. ON THE FLOOR. Please imagine how excited I was about this. Then double it. His response as to why? "Just 'cause" My response to that? Large eyes and an excellent display of self restraint as I avoided LOSING MY MIND.

9:30 am - Go for bike ride with bike trailer to lake to feed ducks. Ducks are nowhere to be seen. And the day before, there were literally 50. Where did they go?!

10:00am - See Jacob, Ben and their dad playing in driveway, so ride over to say hello. Where I display my ultimate gracefulness by FALLING OFF THE BIKE. Right onto the driveway. Funny factor? Very high. Pain factor? Also very high. Embarrassment factor? Ditto. Oh yes, it was good times. *It should be noted that I am not just a total moron -- I was wearing shoes that clip into the bike pedals, which I had never worn before, so I fell out because I couldn't get my foot unclipped. And yes, I realize that this really doesn't make me sound like any less of a dork.

10:30 am - Return home, after fighting with Garrett multiple times to keep his helmet on. And then fall off bike again. Oh yes, I did. Not quite as funny. Also? More painful. Am reminded yet again by Garrett that I am "not very good at riding bikes." Thanks, I am well aware.

11:00 am - Garrett poops in his pants. I resist the urge to strangle him, as I don't look very good in orange. Bennett plays broom ball with a plastic onion...this is quite cute, and quells the urge to stab myself in the ear to cease the why questions.

12:00 Lunch. Where everyone is quite cute and well behaved and I wonder if I just dreamed the earlier portion of the day. However the battle wounds present on my arms and legs all tell me that I did not. Bummer.

And then the countdown to naptime wass on. Because seriously? It couldn't come fast enough.


SarahJeanie said...

WOW! What a day! Can't wait to hear more about it! Hope you are having fun in class! Talk to you soon!

Christina said...

the only good thing that can be said of some days is that they're OVER!

Brittany said...

I think I held my breath while reading that whole thing. Because at the end, I let out a really big sigh!! haha. That sounds pretty crappy to me! :(

Jen said...

You are a better person than I am. I would have lost it with the second poop or second fall.

Lioness said...

Blimey! I realise this makes me sound like a bit of a heartless cow - hi! I'm new here, what a good thing for you - but I found this post hysterical. THANK YOU!

Joanna said...

I SO know where you are coming from. Those 'days from hell' happen more than I would like them too around here.

Can you atleast laugh at yourself at the end of the day for falling TWICE? :0)

Chaotic Joy said...

Oh I totally loved this post. I have been having a lot of these days lately.

Dana a/k/a Sunshine said...

Oh man, that was funny. I'm sorry, I'm sure it wasn' funny AT THE TIME..but it sure made for a funny post :)

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

OY. What a day! Some days you wake up and you're just waiting for naptime.

I so feel ya.

No major trauma ensues - HILARIOUS!

chaoticfamily said...

Oh I hope that you are ok!!

What a funny story to look back on when your guys are older.

Jaimee said...

LOL! I totally know when it is going to be one of THOSE days....when it starts with a morning like that, it usually doesn't get any better!!! Ya just get to the end of the day and are thankful that you actually survived!!

Arizaphale said...

Sorry if I laughed over you falling off the bike. Twice.

Stacy said...

Oh.my. I hate days like that where nothing seems to go right. ((hugs)) At least it got better late right? Hopefully??

Unknown said...

Yeah, I sighed along with you too. If it helps any, have totally fallen off my bike, too. Well...not off, since I was still clipped in, but definitely over, definitely in front of people, and definitely embarrassed!

Anonymous said...

i totally would have fallen off my bike too. why do you have those shoe clippy things anyway?? :)