Sunday, November 9, 2008

Best Shot Monday - Project 365, Week 43

Nov 1:

Nov 1

Nov 2:

Nov 2

Nov 3:

Nov 3

Nov 4:

Nov 4

Nov 5:

Nov 5

Nov 6:

Nov 6

Nov 7:

Nov 7

For more great shots, see what everyone has to share at Tracey's!

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Dawn said...

love the new 'do!!!

Brittany said...

I love how all of the voting stickers were different. There were three or four varieties I saw in our area, alone. hmm tax dollars at work! haha.

Anonymous said...

I love that cool door shot! And the sun one...awesome!

Jen said...

Wow!! That last shot is amazing!!

Joanna said...

I am entranced by that door shot. So simple, yet mysterious. Great week!

Killlashandra said...

Yeah for the I voted picture. :) And your last sky shot is pretty. I love the sun peering through the clouds.

emily said...

I really like the light from the sun in that last picture.

Blueberry said...

love that last shot!

Kimberly said...

I have questions!

Is that you in shot #2? I'm thinking no, but it looks so much like you. And what are you guys eating? Some sort of fruit pie? (Hey, when I look at a photo, I *really* look at a photo.)

Love the sun in the trees on the 3rd, and the sharpness of the 5th. :) Great week for you eh?

Bunny said...

That last one is brilliant! It is stunning. The flair and the colors are just amazing.
I really like the second photo, too with the two women. Nice job!

Cara said...

The last shot is amazing, I love the flare. I am trying to take flare picture recently but having problems with artifact.

Arizaphale said...

Oooooo! Someone's chopped their hair off! Cool.Love that last shot too.