Friday, December 26, 2008

Summary Friday: Project 365, Week 49

December 13:

Dec 13

December 14:

Dec 14

December 15:

Dec 15

December 16:

Dec 16

December 17:

Dec 17

December 18:

Dec 18

December 19:

Dec 19


Arizaphale said...

Dec that a sunset or a fire? It looks a bit like a bushfire! I like the 'any lane' sign. Almost invites a caption.

Joanna said...

Great light painting and the sunset is beautiful.

Kimberly said...

Love the variety Maggie. And I must say, you sure do have a lot of friends! :)

Cara said...

I want to know where the any lane, any time was taken and why the sign is there. Your pictures alway leave me wondering and wanting to know more...which is a good thing!

Shalee said...

I was wondering when that pic would make its debut! Man... I wish I had at least brushed my hair...

And for the record, meeting you (FINALLY!) topped my list as favorite things. Let me know when you have a free Saturday and we'll hit Fortune Wok... mmmm - Wok Roasted Chicken...

natalie said...

Hello friend!

I'm back on the Project 365 bandwagon--don't roll your eyes. I'll try REALLY hard to stay on the wagon this year. I promise!!!