Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The 7 Things Meme

Kimberly tagged me for the 7 things meme, so here we go!

7 Things I can do:

1. I can multi-task well. Very well, if I do say so myself.
2. I can remember details in a way that people are ALWAYS surprised by.
3. I can start an IV in almost anyone.
4. I can speed read.
5. I can forgive but not forget.
6. I can cook a delicious meal.
7. I can shower and get ready to walk out the door in about 15 minutes.

7 Things I cannot do:

1. I can't bring myself to go to the dentist. I know, it's a stupid phobia. Stupid, but real.
2. I can't make everyone happy all the time. But that doesn't really stop me from trying.
3. I can't leave the house with my camera. Hey, you never know what you might want to take a picture of!
4. I can't eat pineapple. Thank you, severe allergy.
5. I can't fall asleep easily.
6. I can't get a tan.
7. I can't drink regular milk. Ick.

7 Things I say most often:

1. "I'm sorry", which is usually followed by "I know that hurts" and then me doing something that does, in fact, hurt.
2. "You can do it!" Also usually followed by either "A little harder!" or "A little more!"
3. "I don't mind" -- even if I do, I can't seem to keep myself from agreeing to do things anyway. This is a SERIOUS personality flaw.
4. "I love you" -- is there a more loving creature on earth than a toddler? I think not.
5. "Hi!" -- everyone deserves to be greeted with cheer...even when I don't really want to...
6. "Oh hell" -- not very nice, I will admit, but sometimes I get just a wee bit frustrated.
7. "You have GOT to be KIDDING me" -- funny enough, no one ever really is.

7 Celebrity Admirations:

I have decided that my list is the people that I like to look at and admire. Shallow you say? Yes, yes it is.

1. Hugh Jackman
2. Matt Damon
3. Eric Dane
4. Simon Baker
5. George Eads
6. Patrick Dempsey
7. Prince William

7 Favorite foods:

1. Chinese food
2. Seafood
3. Garlic Bread
4. Fresh baked cookies
5. Chili
6. Pasta -- I can't even pick one kind. (Hi, think I enjoy carbs much?)
7. Tacos

I won't tag 7 people, but I am nosy and I do love lists, so if you want to do your own 7 things meme then let me know -- I can't wait to read more!


Brittany said...

mmm let's be BFFs! I love Chinese food and Mr.Jackman. :) haha.

Dawn said...

hugh's the people's sexiest man alive!! i caved and bought it in the line at the store. in front of hubby, even.

i was pretty obsessed with matt damon for lots of years. i used to have a giant poster of him above my desk when i taught 6th grade, and the girls all called me Mrs. Damon. this was pre-hubby.

now, i'm all about john krasinski. mm, mm. and robert downey jr. he's so damn sexy.

Christina said...

This is such a cool meme! I love getting to know you more. You're a cool person. Really, really! I was nodding along to at least of the items listed.

Jaimee said...

"I can start an IV in almost anyone" - I need you to fly down to Dallas to start my next one...I'm always a toughie!!!

cherish.photography said...

love the idea. I will post tomorrow. Come check out my 7 on Thursday.

Stacy said...

Love the list - great getting to know a bit more about you. :) I think Hugh would be at the top of my list, too. *drool* ;)

Cara said...

I loved this post.
(3. I can start an IV in almost anyone.) This is definitely a talent!
(3. I can't leave the house with my camera. Hey, you never know what you might want to take a picture of!) Right the with you!
(7. "You have GOT to be KIDDING me") me too but I usually throw a Frickin in there.
(4. Simon Baker,5. George Eads) the reason I Tivo the Mentalist and CSI.

Kimberly said...

LOL! I love the list of things you say. I can so imagine you at work now. :) And I really liked the spin you put on the celebrities. Why didn't I think of that?!