Tuesday, January 27, 2009

More Randomness

Everyone is doing the 16 Random Things meme...and I know I have done it before, but since my brain is currently feeling suspiciously like mush, I'm doing it again.

Because if there is one thing that doesn't require thinking, it's coming up with random things about me.

  • I am supposed to be studying right now. And I *really* don't want to.
  • Instead of studying (see above) I am watching The Bachelor. I seriously can't get enough of the crazies. Misaligned priorities, you say? Then clearly you haven't see the show.
  • Diet Coke used to be my favorite beverage. My new favorite? Dirty Martinis.
  • I took down my Christmas decorations two weeks ago. But they are still in the middle of the floor in the living room, all packed up and ready to go into storage. But the storage closet is outside, and it's been too cold for me to be motivated to get them out there.
  • I am crossing my fingers for a snow day tomorrow.
  • I am well aware that I will not have a snow day tomorrow.
  • I just made myself a cup of sleepy time tea. This assures that seconds after I finally relax and fall asleep, I will get called into work.
  • I have guilt issues. Example: I have a ton of TV shows on my DVR that I really don't watch anymore. But I still won't delete the season pass, because I feel bad that I don't watch/like/have time for the show anymore. I know, I know - how messed up is THAT?!
  • Next week I get to go to Cosmo and Manicure Night with some friends after I get done with class. I am HIGHLY excited about this.
  • I have decided that I don't really care for taking pictures in the winter...there just isn't much to shoot that is different. Which I find highly annoying.
  • One of my current favorite foods is potato skins from TGI Fridays. The frozen kind...I lack the ability to actually go out to a restaurant for a meal like a normal person...thank you, night shift.
  • I want to do one month of "favorite things" for my Project 365. This requires some significant planning...which probably explains why I haven't done it yet. But it sounds like a good idea, yes?
  • I love to cook. But I can't remember the last time that I made a meal in the kitchen. I think that it was sometime in the beginning of December.
  • I try not to complain about feeling busy, because everyone is busy. I know this. But some days it's still really hard not to complain.
  • I keep dreaming of a vacation. Italy sounds lovely. Anywhere sounds lovely. But I would settle for just being able to stay home and get a few things done around the house.
  • I can function quite well when able to sleep in 90 minute increments...ideally at least 2 90 minute periods in any given day.


Brittany said...

I've never really watched the Bachelor.... until THIS season. HOT daddy. I just hope he picks the right one. I am kinda liking Stephanie- and her little girl is SO adorable!

Stacy said...

I'm tired just reading that! I would be a walking zombie if that is how I slept LOL! I need 6 hours and then I can function. ;)

Christina said...

Sure lots of people are busy...but I think you take it to a whole new level! Sheesh, girl!

I have the SAME guilt issues! I have a stack of magazines 2 feet high...and I know I'll never read them, yet I can't get rid of them.

Dawn said...

Watching the bachelor too... Stephanie is from Hunstville (where I am) so I'm kinda hoping she'll be around for hometown visits, as it'd be fun to see my town on tv. You know, all dolled up just for tv, that is. Though she's not right for Jason.

(clearly too invested, am I)

I am so behind on P365. I haven't taken more than 5 pictures in the last 3 weeks. Which is now proof for all who read this that I am a perpetual cheater in project 365. ha!! I think I just outed myself. there you have it: i only made it 27 weeks or so in project 365.

I better stop my ramblings or there might be far worse confessions coming out of my mouth...

Cara said...

I do the same thing with my TiVo, I have so many things recording that I never watch but still have the season pass for. Se we are in this together.
I have found that I hate taking pictures in the winter too, I try taking indoor shots which make me hate my house and the colors of my walls.

Kimberly said...

I'm so with you on the vacation - anywhere. I love reading these memes and learning about people. I hate doing these memes and having to think about myself. LOL!

Arizaphale said...

And you call me busy?
I can sleep in 20 min increments. It is a great skill, but unfortunate when it happens in class. Especially when I am teaching.
Winter photos=bleah.
TGI Fridays! I'd forgotten them. We had them in UK.