Saturday, January 3, 2009

Summary Saturday: Project 365, Week 51 and 52

December 20:

Dec 20

December 21:

Dec 21

December 22:

Dec 22

December 23:

Dec 23

December 24:

Dec 24

December 25:

Dec 25

December 26:

Dec 26

December 27:

Dec 27

December 28:

Dec 28

December 29:

Dec 29

December 30:

Dec 30

December 31:

Dec 31


Lara said...

you realize that first one will have to come out on his first date, yes? :)

Anonymous said...

II love that ornament shot!

Dawn said...

great collection, agree with maya, that gold ornament is the prettiest macro ornament shot i've ever seen, such clarity and no reflection!!
they're all great!

Christina said...

Undies on the head - it's a classic! But what IS happening in the shot for Christmas day?

Kimberly said...

12/20 - Dude has Lightening McQueen undies on his head. I'll have to show Bryce!

12/25 - Umm, WTH is she doing? And why do the onlookers not surprised?

12/29 - Gorgeous!

Unknown said...

I gotta know what is going on Christmas Day, too!!

Lovely last week of shots...

Arizaphale said...

An exquisite collection. All little gems.