Friday, February 27, 2009

Random Friday Fun

*This is the official start of spring break from graduate school. Yay for spring break.

*The two ways that I will be spending my spring break are: 1. at work 2. studying for (and taking) a biochem test.

*Tonight is med school prom. I am both embarrassed and excited about this.

*I got a Wii Fit. I love it. But my Wii Fit age is significantly higher than my actual age.

*Having a Wii has confirmed that I am just as uncoordinated as I thought I was.

*I am scheduled to work tonight, which means that I will get to spend approximately 30 minutes at my med school prom. I have asked to stay home on call -- I do not, however, expect this to actually happen.

*The first thing I did last night to kick of spring break was clean and do laundry. Sometimes I am amazed at the good times I know how to have. Seriously.


Blueberry said...

med school prom, huh? i had no idea. :)

enjoy your break!!

Swistle said...

I was in my fifties at first on the Wii Fit. Now I'm about as old as I am, which is good progress.

Christina said...

Now that's just not fair that you have to work through your med school prom! Being a responsible adult sucks, huh?

My Wii fit age was about 3x my actual age the first time. LOL.

Cara said...

That totally sucks, your going to miss the prom.
I think you should take one day of spring break and have a good time, no work, no studying, no laundry and no cleaning.

Shalee said...

Try dancing. It will definitely prove how uncoordinated a person can be!

And I don't want to do the Wii Fit age thing... I'm sure it will say that I'm 102 or something.

Med School Prom?! I'd be all over it. I make a GREAT wallflower!

If you get too bored this week, call me! I'll do coffee with you should you feel the need to get away from laundry.