Monday, April 5, 2010

Weekend By The Numbers

Jodifur shared her numbers for the weekend. And since I love things like that, I figured I would follow suit...although I'm pretty sure that none of my numbers are too exciting...

5: minutes I was able to stay home on call before my phone rang and called me in to work.

11: hours worked Saturday night, after being called in.

1: number of patients I delivered while at work on previously mentioned Saturday night.

90: minutes spent at the dog park on a GORGEOUS Easter Sunday.

1.5: number of totally exhausted pups after trip to dog park. Technically I do have two dogs, but the puppy is so small I'm not sure she counts as a whole dog just yet...

18: hours spent studying for my finals this week. Don't be impressed, if it hadn't been for working Saturday night the number would have been much, much higher.

2: number of hours remaining, at this very moment, until the first Cardinals game of the season. Hooray for baseball!

3: number of finals I have this week.

9: weeks left before I am completely finished with my first year of medical school. Surely I can survive that much longer...right?

7: consecutive hours of sleep I got last night. Which, I will have you know, is a MAJOR thrill and accomplishment for me. I am clearly still learning to sleep through the night.


Unknown said...

Yikes, those are some scary numbers, Maggie! Well, except that 90 minute at the dog park one...that one sounds perfect!

jodifur said...

I love that you did this!

Stacy said...

Sometimes I think I have a busy life and then I look at yours! YOu are doing so well in juggling life, work and medical school. I bet you are looking forward to the break, though!

Arizaphale said...

I feeeeeeel for you babe! Especially in the sleep department. If it makes you feel any better I exist on 5.5 hours sleep. Mind you....if you look at my aged face you may not feel so comforted ;-D