Monday, January 24, 2011

Views from the Boulevard

I'm pretty sure looking at vacation photos on the internet still constitutes torture, so I'm trying to spread it out a bit... :)

You're welcome.

My sisters and mom are celebrity crazy. They read People and US Weekly and watch Entertainment Tonight and The Oscars and whatever else. They know who is dating who, who is wearing what, and all about the latest trends.

I, however, am tragically uncool. I have no idea what's hot and what's not, I couldn't tell you what was nominated for the Oscars, let alone who won anything, and I have no idea who is married to who. I don't pretend to be cool...but even I was somewhat amazed at all the hustle and bustle on Hollywood Boulevard. There were A LOT of people...and it was the middle of a weekday! Seriously, does no one in LA work? I know, I know - it was probably people on vacation, but still...the crowds! Sheesh!

LA Vacation - July 2010 (89 of 198)

LA Vacation - July 2010 (90 of 198)

LA Vacation - July 2010 (87 of 198)
See, I told you! Look at all these people!

LA Vacation - July 2010 (83 of 198)

LA Vacation - July 2010 (75 of 198)

LA Vacation - July 2010 (71 of 198)

LA Vacation - July 2010 (70 of 198)
My sister got us tickets to Jimmy Kimmel Live, so the first night we were in LA we saw a taping of the show. Which I had to drive to. In rush hour traffic. In LA. When I had no idea where I was going. Which, as you can imagine, was quite the experience. But we got to see a taping, which was interesting. And see a celebrity -- the show had Zac Efron on. Who my sisters say is very famous.

LA Vacation - July 2010 (96 of 198)
You could even see the Hollywood sign from the outdoor mall. And let me tell you -- even the mall is fancy in LA!


Kimberly said...

I'm with you all the way. I know Brad Pitt is married to Angelina Jolie and that's about the extent of my knowledge. :)

Love your captures of L.A. Especially the Hollywood sign. So cool that you got to go see a show being taped!

chaoticfamily said...

Love it! Looks like so much fun. Glad you had a great time.

Arizaphale said...

I feel like I've been there too now! :-)

Cara said...

Yet again, more warm weather pictures in the midst of all this it. I visited LA a number of years ago and my favorite thing was the Hollywood Bowl, did you get a chance to go there?