Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crafty Tuesday - Baby Dresses

It turns out that even though I have been completely consumed with studying and all things board related that the world just keeps on going...who would have thought?!

It seems that everyone I know has been having babies, which of course required baby gifts! I have been quite happily making burp cloths for everyone, but then I saw someone get a gown at a shower I was attending. Super cute gift, but I almost died when I heard how much someone had paid for it.

It was adorable, but I wasn't quite sure it was that adorable. I was also pretty sure it was just a little bit of fabric and some elastic, something that I could surely figure out if I tried.

I was correct. These layette gowns are super easy to make and have been a huge hit as an addition to burp cloths as baby gifts...

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Unknown said...

Oh EM GEEEE! Wow. Those are the cutest little things! The possibilities are truly endless with them as well. Oh, man.