Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Backyard BBQ

Due to my school schedule, I work just about every weekend. At my hospital we work 12 hour shifts, and the night shift is 7 pm - 7 am the next morning. And, before you ask, yes -- working night shift is hard. And yes, you could do it too -- you get used to it, although it still makes you EXHAUSTED. But I consider myself lucky -- by working Friday and Saturday nights, it means that I only need to work a night or two during the week to keep my full time hours, while giving me most of my weekdays free for school.

But every now and then I am lucky enough to have a weekend night off. It's a rare treat -- other than the weekends that I have taken off for finals, I have only been off three weekend nights this year. I'm not complaining -- this is the scheduled that I have picked, and it's only for a few years. Or at least that is what I keep telling myself...

I was lucky enough to be off the Saturday night before 4th of July. And nothing says "summer fun" quite like having a backyard BBQ. And it was hot and there were lots of bug bites. But there was also s'mores. And laughter. And fabulous company.

And it was totally worth it.

Backyard BBQ (2)
This is what Baby Kate thinks about our conversation topics

Backyard BBQ (20)
Clearly we weren't quite interesting enough

Backyard BBQ (1)
Bennett and Makayla

Backyard BBQ (18)
There was water fun to keep cool.

Backyard BBQ (16)

Backyard BBQ (6)
And the hose on the trampoline. Which turned out to be the most entertaining thing ever.

Backyard BBQ (34)
It's official...he can't deny this baby belongs to him -- she has his looks AND his personality!

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Arizaphale said...

Mags I am so glad you are posting again. I have missed you. And it is awesome that you are still in contact with your 'boys'. You are a wonder woman and I know all this hard work is gonna pay off for you in time.