Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Crafty Tuesday: T Shirt Edition

I know that I said that I mostly made burp cloths. Which is true -- what can I say, I know an UNBELIEVABLE number of people that are having babies this year. But sometimes I make other things -- usually t-shirts. Which I have to say are harder than the burp cloths. And I might be partial, but I think they turn out almost as cute!

Sibling Shirts. Because poor big brother is having a hard time adjusting to all the attention that the new little one is getting. And because I think it's cute.

Big brother was VERY excited to have a shirt of his very own.

Okay, so this is a onesie and not a shirt. And the dots got all messed up. But it's the same idea as a shirt. And I loved it too much to throw it out when the dots got messed up.

A Fourth of July shirt for the little one of my sweet coworker that came to pick me up for work when I had a flat tire. Which is a story for another time...

I have a sweet, sweet coworker who has an autistic daughter. And she has been having a tough time, because her little girl only wants to wear shirts that are orange. With bugs. And when I saw this blank t-shirt at Target, I was sure that a little bit of girlishness on an orange shirt might go a long way.

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Unknown said...

Oh, the dragonfly is the best!! And I love the quirky-ness of the polka dots, it totally looks intentional. :-)

My mom got a cool embroidery/sew machine while I was home. I soooo want one!

I was a little late getting CT up today...but I have a few little things.