Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bridal Shower

My sister is getting married, I just a couple weeks in fact. And we all know what comes with weddings.

Bridal showers. Lots of them. I think my sister had 7. Or maybe 8.

Luckily, as I am not particularly one to get super excited over weddings or anything wedding related, I was not asked to attend all seven, just two. One hosted by my cousin and aunts. Apparently it is "tradition" for your godmother to host your bridal shower...who knew? Also? If that's true, I am in trouble if I ever get married. My godmother is my aunt (ex-aunt?) who used to be arrived to my uncle (my dad's brother), who isn't anymore. She is sweet, but also...eclectic. And I can't imagine her attending a bridal shower, let alone hosting one.

But my sister's godmother is quite lovely (also, normal) and hosted a lovely shower for my sister. Complete with take home recipe books that she collected from guests prior to the shower (although not from me, I totally spaced out and forgot to send her anything...whoops). Luckily, my sister's other bridesmaids are much more into all things bride and wedding and put together a lovely shower for my sister.

June 2 (2)

June 2 (15)

June 2 (1)

June 2 (20)

June 2 (23)

June 2 (24)

Like I said, the wedding date is fast approaching, so there will be more wedding mania to come. Complete with photos of my dress. Which is taffeta. And fuschia. And has a flower on it.

And if the idea if me in that doesn't just make you beyond curious, then you clearly have no sense of humor.

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Unknown said...

yahoo! bridesmaid dresses! i'm anxiously awaiting my blog reader for that one! ;)