Thursday, July 5, 2012


I looked at the calendar. It's July.

And I have no idea how that happened.

I swear, it was April just the other day. Then I blinked. And now it's July.

Life has mostly been one of those things where the weeks fly by and the days drag on forever. Which, I suspect, is not all that uncommon. And not every day drags on -- in fact, even the days fly by for the most part. May was not my favorite month, and the days of May most certainly felt like they lasted a lifetime. Every day. And not in a good or enjoyable way. But now it's mostly a distant memory...with so much between then and now that the details are already fuzzy, washed from memory in that nice way that unpleasant things so often end up.

I have not had an overly exciting holiday. Or maybe I have, depending on your definition. I started out the holiday at work (oh, the glories of the night shift) and not long after midnight a patient walked in. And ten minutes later I had her two pound twin A in my hands, handing her off to the nursery team. And not long after that I did the same with twin B, another 2 lb girl...a matching set of tiny new humans.

Which, I suppose, made for a fairly exciting July 4th indeed. Admittedly, more for my patient than for me. But even still, there is something pretty amazing about blinking and then there is a brand new person there. Most people don't ever see it, other than their own babies. But as someone who has seen thousands of tiny humans blink into an existence, I assure you, it's pretty impressive. Every time.

But other than tiny humans, my fourth was blissfully uneventful. Not even any fireworks, since I slept right through them. I spent most of the day after I got home from work doing paperwork and organization type things. Which is apparently a tiring activity. Well that, or because I had been up for 36 hours.

But I am pretty sure it was the organizing.

That's exhausting.

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