Thursday, July 26, 2007

Miss me?

I really don't mean to disappear for days on end. I mean obviously hearing about the boring details of my mundane life is at the top of your list of thing you enjoy. And who can blame you?

And so, without further delay, the list of recent hairbrained activities I have been a part of. Enjoy.

*Last night I went to see Wizard of Oz with the boys, Shirley, Erica, and Bryce. Given that the show started at 8:30 pm (and the boys are generally asleep at that point), the potential for disaster was somewhat high. But I am pleased to report that THE BIG SHOW (as Garrett calls it) was a HUGE hit. The show was 3 hours long, and Garrett watched every minute of it. Bennett watched almost all of it before he fell asleep. I love the Wizard of Oz. But watching it with the on a stage...for the first time ever...was even better.

*Another reason I'm retarded: I made an appointment for 8 am to drop off my car to have it fixed (some little blonde darling happened to put Chuck E Cheese coins in the CD player). This would mean that in addition to getting the boys up and dressed early in the morning, it was the morning after we had all had a late night. Great planning, no? But AFTER we dropped off my car, we had to get a rental car. Now THAT was fun...moving two toddlers, the stroller, the diaper bag, the DVD player, and both car seats - while making sure that Garrett didn't wander out into traffic...what could possibly be more fun that that?!

*Well, what was almost more fun than that was when Garrett ran straight into the open car door. With his forehead. Which caused an instant purple bruise. Not to mention the screaming. LOTS of screaming.

*My LAST physics class was tonight. HOORAY!!! In case anyone has forgotten, physics is a subject that I am totally NOT in love with.

*I think that I am finally not sick anymore. After almost three weeks...I was beginning to think that I was going to be sick FOREVER!

*I returned the response card to a friend's wedding -- and I was super proud of myself for making sure that I got it in the mail. I was so busy being proud of myself that I forgot to put on the response card whether or not I would be attending the wedding. Oops!

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