Sunday, July 29, 2007

Sunday List #18 - Accomplishments

I like to think of myself as fairly productive and organized. Maybe I just do that to make myself feel better... But here is a list of things I managed to get done this week!

1. I submitted my AMCAS and AACOMAS applications (the MD and DO school application services). I even got my first secondary from KU!

2. I signed up for the MCAT a second time. In two weeks. In St. Joseph, MO. But hey, it could be worse -- I can raise my score in two weeks....right?!

3. I unearthed my dining room table - my favorite place to put things down when I walk into the door. I was pleased to discover that under all the crap, I actually did still have a table under there.

4. I FINALLY got over my cold. After three weeks. Who is sick for three weeks in July?! I still sound a little horse and I cough at night...but I still see it as a HUGE improvement over the no voice-hacking my brains out-feeling like crap phase that lasted severeal weeks.

5. I renewed my lease. Not super exciting, but at least now I won't be homeless. Not for a year anyway.

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