Sunday, July 1, 2007

Sunday List #14

Things that make me crazy

1. People who blame 'being busy' as the reason that they don't do things. Sorry, but everyone is busy, and everyone has the same amount of time in their day. If it is something important to you, you will make time for it. And if it isn't important, then don't blame being busy, just shut your yap about it. Being busy won't keep you from doing something that you want to do, it's just a convenient excuse to keep you from having to do something you don't want to.

2. People who act like morons. An example: a few nights ago, as I am getting ready for bed (or, getting ready to lay in bed and not sleep, since I have the worst insomnia EVER) the dog starts barking like crazy. Because there are people screaming their fool heads off right outside my apartment. About how they are going to beat each other to a pulp. Lovely, not to mention classy. Seriously. Take your white trash show on the road please, I don't want to hear about it.

3. Filling out my AMCAS application is also making me crazy. I keep track of things fairly well (or so I like to think) and it is still taking me forever to come up with the specific dates and contact people for some of these things. 8 years of activities is a lot to cover.

4. Physics class. It is now half over, meaning that in another 4 weeks I will no longer have to endure another physics class ever. Or at least probably not - I believe I said I would never go back to school when I graduated the first time, and we all see how far that got me...

5. Um, believe it or not, I can't come up with a fifth thing that makes me crazy. At least not one that I haven't whined about before. So instead I will tell you that for the umpteenth time I am watching Murder at 1600. Why are there some movies that get played on tv over and over and over again? Who picks those movies? Because there are some that I think should be added into the rotation...

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