Wednesday, June 27, 2007




Allow me to explain. If there is one thing that I happen to have quite a bit of, it's patience. There are some exceptions to this, don't get me wrong, but I am, in large part, long on patience. Or at least I was.

My sweet and darling boys have been replaced by monsters. I kid you not, when I wasn't looking there was some sort of terrible mix up. Bennett is teething, so perhaps his wasn't a mix up so much as an unfortunate set of developmental circumstances. But I am quite sure that Garrett has been switched with some sort of devil-child. And it's a good thing I'm crazy about him, or I just might sell him to the lowest bidder.

The only things that we did today were the library and lunch at McDonalds. At the library there was a major scream fest. And because I'm such a sucker, I actually thought that the worst was over, and we went to lunch at McDonalds. Oh, I am a stupid, stupid girl.

The screaming and sobbing fit was quite the display. I know because it managed to make everyone take notice - even the people who were surrounded by their own gaggle of kids. And I know that the only thing that they were thinking was "thank god that isn't me this time". And let me tell you how thrilled I was to take one for the team today. Really.

So straight home and to bed we went. Which was a good thing, because while I am normally long on patience, I thought that if I had to endure much more that my head might pop off and start spinning around too.

If this is only the beginning of the terrible twos, I'm going to squash him into a box and keep him this way forever. Because frequent bouts of fun like this would be my ticket to that drug habit I've always wanted...

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