Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday List #13

1. As the release of my MCAT scores loom overhead, I know that I can't put it off anymore, and I need to finish writing my personal statement. Which is where the problem comes in. I knew exactly what I wanted to say at the beginning, and I think that it turned out rather well, if I do say so myself. The problem is that now I don't know what to write -- I'm halfway done and totally stuck. I sat for four hours trying to finish it, and only succeeded in writing two sentences and deleting them because they were all wrong. I repeated this process about 250 times in a row before giving up and deciding that perhaps yesterday was not the day to finish after all. Which brings me to today...perhaps I will be struck with some type of inspiration to finish. But just in case I'm not - I'm open to suggestions.

2. Bennett has finally started talking! Not in the actual conversation way, but more in the muttering and grunting way. But in a way that people (ok, most people) can understand. His current list includes bubble, book, and Mimi. Bubble and book are self explanatory. And Mimi? That's me. Where did it come from? Not a clue...but I'm not complaining, it's kinda cute, after all.

3. I adore reading books. I've read two in the last two days which have actually turned out to be pretty good. You would think that I would be studying every spare minute, but even I am not that masochistic.

4. The beauty of an eight week summer class is that eight weeks goes by pretty quickly. The unfortunate part is that we have a test every week. It makes it really hard to put things off. Grrr.

5. I'm more than thrilled to report that, even after repeated trips to the pool, I still have managed to maintain a color that is NOT red. Hooray! Of course I think that this is due in large part to the fact that I don't leave the house without a nice, thick layer of SPF 50, but even still. No sunburn and it's almost July -- I'm thrilled!

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