Sunday, June 17, 2007

Sunday List #12

1. Summer is finally here. I know because when I open the door to get in, I am met with a rush if stifiling heat -- you know, the kind that wraps itself completely around you? I love that feeling. I know, that makes me absolutely crazy, but I love it anyway.

2. Today is father's day. My dad? He's the best. And some people think he looks like Stephen King. I've never been able to see it, but I suppose it's only fair to let you be the judge.

My dad:

my dad....stephen king?

Stephen King:

I totally don't see the similarities. Other than that they are both boys and they both wear glasses. And they both write stuff.

3. I thought that flower boxes were self limiting - the flowers wouldn't grow all that big, because the boxes themselves weren't that big. But this is obviously wrong, because I am currently looking at the flower boxes on my patio, which all have flowers that are 2 feet tall. Which is crazy -- I would have been happy with flowers that were much shorter than that. But it does help put to rest the prior claims that I have a thumb of death.

4. My big plans for today? Studying physics. Which is about as exciting as watching mold grow, in my opinion. It's good times around here, that's for sure!

5. I love tv. But even I am willing to admit that some tv shows are dumb. And I have been flipping channels this morning, and have run across what is perhaps one of the dumbest shows ever. The Girls Next Door. What's it about you ask? The girlfriends of Hugh Hefner. I think that, like I totally, like, have lost brain cells flipping past it. Like, totally.

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