Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Things I Have Learned Recently

1. Bennett likes champagne. What can I say...he has great taste...

2. I will do anything to keep from studying physics. Although I will only something productive if I am not studying. Needless to say, I have virtually no dirty laundry and a spotless apartment.

3. It is actually possible for the boys and I to go to the movies and have a good time while not ruining it for anyone else. I consider this a major success, because the chances of a one year old not enjoying a trip to the movie theater and thus acting a little like a jerk are high.

4. There was a horrible story about a child killed by a bear. Needless to say, this is yet ANOTHER reason I do not camp.

5. I can get Garrett to do almost anything if I tell him that it's something that Bryce does. Use the potty? Bryce does. Fix your hair? Bryce does. Eat another bite of chicken? Bryce does. I worry that at some point he might figure out that Bryce doesn't, in fact, always listen to me. So if anyone else would like to volunteer to be made an example of, please let me know. I will be taking names.

6. I have had several dreams that have turned out to actually be things that happened in real life. Given that most of these things have not been very good, it's a little freaky. And it makes me wonder how many of my other recent dreams will be occurring in real life. Some of you have been a part of them, so you never know - I might already know your future...

I am off to study...hopefully studying physics, but I have a feeling it will be more of me studying the inside of my eyelids than anything else...

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