Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday List #11 - The Wedding and Auto Parts Edition

1. The radio in my car suddenly stopped working. Someone who is much smarter about such things informed me that I had a blown fuse. Being the super smart girl that I am (and doing what he told me to), I trotted off to the auto parts store and got myself some new fuses. Yay me! I then put the new fuse in...and the damn thing still doesn't work! Grrr...

2. I completed my first week of my physics class. I still hate physics. Only 7 weeks to go...and I am SO counting...

3. I drove to Springfield today, found an outfit in 15 minutes, went to a wedding, and the drove back. I'm worn out! But aren't you impressed that I could find suitable wedding attire in 15 minutes....that I looked quite lovely in, if I do say so myself!

4. My shoulders and calves are really sore from driving all day. Someone should give me a massage.

5. I dislike humidity - and it is currently VERY humid outside.

1 comment:

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