Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sunday List #10

1. I actually went to a movie yesterday. Like, in the movie theater. Which is something I never do. But I digress...I went to the movies and saw Knocked Up. I don't think I have laughed that hard in a long time -- it's fantastic and hilarious! I highly recommend that you drop everything and run out to see it immediately. It's totally worth it.

2. I took the MCAT on Thursday. Which means that I have now had 2 full days of no studying. It's been months since I haven't had something to study (and only one day left until I will again)...I forgot how nice it was! Oh well...some great things are so short lived...

3. My cat thinks that he's a dog. Not only because he is the size of a dog (and not a little dog either) but because he waits in front of the door when I come home, but also because he likes to try and beg for food. And then he eats it...he just ate popcorn. What kind of cat eats popcorn?!

4. After I swore that we wouldn't go back for a long time because it was a ton of work for me, on Friday we went back to Pump It Up for their open play. Where, within 5 minutes of being there, I totally leveled a little kid. And got a very ouchy elbow. Oh well...that will teach the kid (who was totally old enough to know better!) not to wait in line!

5. I am pleased to report that this summer I might actually be a color...rather than glowing white, due to all the time I am spending outside. Now, don't get too excited, the color I mostly mean is red, unless you think that all of my freckles will melt together and form a brown color. Which, I suppose, is a possibility...although I am not going to hold my breath...

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