Monday, August 13, 2007

Sunday List #20 - The Late Edition

1. I am aware that this is the first post in an enture week, and thus this means that I suck. But I have a good excuse...ok, well I really don't have an excuse, but I have been crazy busy the last week.

2. My parents and youngest sister came to visit over the weekend. This was somewhat monumental, as I have lived here for 8 years and my family has been here to see me on less than ten occassions. Included in that count was taking me to school for the first time and graduation. Also included was my emergency surgery.

What never merited an occassion was visiting me on ANY major holiday over the four years that I had to work and was thus not able to travel to St. Louis. So I have spent many Christmas and Thanksgivings by myself...don't you know that they couldn't come here...there are LOTS of people to see then. Apparently I am somewhat akin to chopped liver. Not that I am bitter or anything...

3. Since my parents haven't been to see where I live in a while (and my sister had never been) I spent about a gazillion hours last week cleaning and doing all of the little household projects that I had meant to do at some point but hadn't gotten around to. The first thing that my mom said when she walked in? "Hey, nice cob web up in that one corner" Yep, that's right - I could have saved myself hours and hours of work. I would invite you over for a drink to console me, but now I can't have anyone over - for fear of another cobweb showing up.

4. It is August in the midwest and therefore HOTTER than HELL. Not to mention humid. Although I will be the first to admit that it has not been terribly humid the last few days and that no matter what it feels like anywhere else, I am quite sure that St. Louis in August is the most humid place on earth. And everyone knows "it's not the heat, it IS the humidity".

5. I take the MCAT on Tuesday. I haven't studied even a fraction as much as I know I should have. So in addtion to getting nervous about the test, I am a little angry at myself. Not the make-up for a productive study senario. I would be excited for it to be over, to provide a respite for beating myself up about studying more, but my fall classes start on Thursday, so I'm only going to have a day to recover. But I'm trying not to complain...I could have to go to class the day after, after all!

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Arizaphale said...

As the judge says in 'Stick It'...some of the best people have really bad parents.' (or something like that). It's their problem, not yours! Don't let em get you down!!