Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Ice, Illness, and Snow Days

It was a good thing that I didn't have finals during NaBloPoMo, since I never would have made it. I haven't gotten kidnapped or wandered away and gotten lost, but I have been very busy avoiding studying. And I am very pleased to report that I have an extra few days to do so - yesterday I got a snow day!

And just in case you wondered, you're never to old to enjoy be excited about a snow day!

Please note the potential filled sentence above. Because you know what can ruin a snow day? A puking toddler. Who cries. And whines. And feels like it is his personal job to make sure you are warm by demanding to be held all ding dang day. And is clingy. Then, when you are cooped up in the house ALL day due to weather with said sick child (and other child who was not mentioned only because you weren't quite sure he was actually present since he was running in circles at a speed that made him only a blur), you start to consider that perhaps you might be just as well off poking yourself in the eye repeatedly. You also begin to see the attraction of being commited to a mental institution.

But we survived. And the ice storm was nothing compared to what they were expecting. Which is fine with me - it delayed my organic chemistry final (which is over two semesters worth of information from the hardest classes I have ever taken, what's up with that?!) and has now left us, hopefully so as not to ruin my impending trip to Chicago this weekend to see my sister. And the ice was nice, because I love the look of ice covered trees...

Ice Ice Baby


Maya said...

Oh how clingy children can make us insane!!! Feel your pain!

That ice is beautiful. Hope your power has stayed on!

Wil's Wheels said...

How the clingy, pukey child is better real soon.

That ice photo is awesome!

niobe said...

It's almost as if it's time itself that's frozen.

Arizaphale said...

Beautiful shot. We can all sympathise with the sick child thing. So glad I am past that now. At BA's age you can put them to bed with a panadol and a bucket and pretty much let them sleep it off. Chemistry (shudder). I did it up until final year High School and it was my worst mark. The organic stuff was the killer. (Quite liked inorganic if I remember rightly although it was exactly 30 years ago this month!!!)Good luck girl!