Saturday, February 23, 2008

Summary Saturday - Project 365, Week 8

February 16:

Feb 16

February 17:

Feb 17

February 18:

Feb 18

February 19:

Feb 19

February 20:

Feb 20

February 21:

Feb 21

February 22:

Feb 22


Brittany said...

Someone goes to story time at pottery barn!!!!

Sarah said...

Those were all great pictures! I particularly enjoyed the one of the cake batter or frosting or whatever that chocolatey goodness was... Yum.

Trish said...

Wonderful pictures, as always!

niobe said...

Mmm....that cake batter looks awfully good.

jennwa said...

I love all the pictures, the last one made me laugh. We have a dachshund too, he looks that pathetic when he gets a bath.

Unknown said...

i really like the first one - you inspire me to take some photos "outside" of my girls - but the 2nd one from the bottom with the can't choreograph those types of photos! it is great!!

Christina said...

You are on a roll this week! All awesome pictures!

The Amazing Trips said...

Rockin' out in PBK??

How cool is that?!