Friday, February 8, 2008

100 Things About Me, Part 8

71. I look very little like the rest of my family. I used to wonder if I was switched at birth. I have decided that this is unlikely. But if it were true, I wouldn’t be totally shocked to find out.

72. I rarely cry. When I was younger I used to cry at everything – movies, books, etc. Now it takes a lot for me to shed a tear…a whole lot. And even then, it's more often out of anger than anything else.

73. I am good at reading people. I can pick up on numerous subtle/unsaid things. And I don’t forget them. (see #15)

74. I am convinced that every detail in life ends up having a large impact at some point down the road. See The Butterfly Effect…it’s like that.

75. Sometimes I daydream about how the small decisions I made that day will make a big difference later on.

76. I tend to censor things and put a lot of thought into things that I say to people who are close to me. Not because I don’t want to tell them the truth, but because I want to be sure that they hear it the way that I mean it.

77. I am much better at making someone know what I mean when I write instead of talk. I get emotional and off track when I talk. When I write things down I have the option to delete things.

78. I am a big fan of email as a communication. (See #77)

79. My mother used to tell me that I shouldn’t live alone because if I were abducted or murdered it would take days before someone would notice. I told her that this was highly unlikely….but it did make me wonder how long it would take.

80. I have very eclectic musical taste. And I highly enjoy classical music.

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jennwa said...

I totally agree with #74.

Brittany said...

I agree with most of those. I too enjoy email over any other form of communication!

brandy said...

#77- Yep, that's so me. I will go to talk to someone about something that's upsetting me and will end up discussing someone's hair or something that happened to me 12 years ago in a parking lot of a grocery store. Which, will have NOTHING to do with why I'm talking to them in the first place. I'm better with writing.