Sunday, April 6, 2008

Summary Saturday Sunday: Project 365, Week 14

I'm a day late...but you know what they say -- better late than never...right?!

March 29:

March 29

March 30:

March 30

March 31:

March 31

April 1:

April 1

April 2:

April 2

April 3:

April 3
*For those that asked, this is my tattoo.

April 4:

April 4


Unknown said...

The cow is wicked cool! And I love your tattoo - great series as usual!

Brittany said...

we have colored that SAME dora picture... hmmm lol

Maya said...

The sleeping one is oh so sweet!

Stacy said...

Love your tatoo! I've got a bit of Irish blood in me, too.

Love the picture of your sweet little guy's so sweet! That second picture is wonderful, too.

Christina said...

The second image is oddly compelling to me. I can't stop looking at it!!

Love the cow, too, and your tattoo and of course the little sweetie sleeping.

Andi said...

Love your series...especially the cow!

natalie said...

Love the cow shot and the sleeping boy. What a precious time of day for you!!

I PROMISE I'll post this week. I actually did the pictures a few times, but crisis always seemed to happen before I could post them!

Unknown said...

Is it just me or does that cow look a little crazed?
Love the sleepy pic!

Arizaphale said...

Second photo: sweeeet! Now te tantalising thing about the tattoo is : which article of clothing is it peeping over???