Monday, August 11, 2008

Tag, I'm It: Dear Teenaged Self

Sarah tagged me for the six random things meme. I've done it before, but if there is one thing that I never run out of, it's randomness. So I'm going to do it again...with a twist. These six random things will be six things that I would tell my teenaged self.

1. That perfect life you have planned out? Don't be surprised when that's not the way things go. But don't worry, just because things don't go the way you think the should, they're still pretty darn cool.

2. You do actually have to be responsible when you're a grown up. And the whole 'being a grown up' thing? It's not always fun. It turns out that there is slightly more to it than just dong whatever you want all the time. Who knew?

3. You will not actually stay up all night just because you can when you're the grown up. At least not most of the time.

4. Life will be filled with things that change your perspective. The words forever and never should be used with the greatest of caution. There are actually a few grown ups I would like to see learn this lesson, now that you mention it.

5. Sometimes you should do things just for you. And it will usually make you feel guilty. But you should do it anyway -- the longer you don't, the harder it will be to start.

6. It hurts to grow up. And sometimes it hurts A LOT. But sometimes it's pretty great too.

I won't tag six people. but I am curious. What would you tell your teenaged self? Don't be shy...if you tell me, I will later tell you about how I was the ugliest child ever. And I seriously was the UGLIEST. CHILD. EVER. Just'll see...


Vered said...

"You will not actually stay up all night just because you can when you're the grown up".

I LOVE that. :)

What would I tell my teenage self? To stop being so hard on myself. To enjoy youth. Youth has value that you only learn to appreciate once you start getting OLDER.

The Broken Man said...

I guess I would say that life gets better - that teenage depression isn't the end of life forever....

I love the idea of talking to yuor teenage self - there's a great song (which obviously, I can't remember the title of, or the singer!) which talks about making sure you always stop at the stop sign in the road - it makes me cry, because there's such a back story there, not being mentioned!

The Broken Man

Brittany said...

I would tell my 18 year old self, to stop trying to grow up so fast, and enjoy being un-married and without responsibilities. AND finish college BEFORE getting married, because it's harder to do homework with two kids running around!

Anonymous said...

Those are some pretty good things to tell your teenaged self. I might have to work them into conversations with my teen sister.

I'll post mine on Thursday!

Christina said...

This rocks, m'dear! Great post. Now save these words of wisdom to pass along to the boys. :o)

Kimberly said...

Good insights Maggie. I might take you up on this tomorrow.

kim said...

Great advise (for any teenager). Too bad they lack the capacity to hear it.

Arizaphale said...

Do you know how mad it makes me that I can not keep up to date with things? I hate that I miss out on cool stuff like this. How do you do studying, kids and all and still blog????
I am obviously an abject failure.
Advice to teenage self? Wear sunscreen. LOTS of sunscreen. And I bet I can beat you in the ugly kid stakes!!!!