Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Some of my favorite bloggers frequently do posts entitled Grace in Small Things.

And because I know that things are never really as rotten as they seem, I figure that something similar might be in order...

1. I have had a horrible time getting myself to the gym lately. So I purchased a season of Grey's Anatomy on iTunes, so that I could load episodes to my iPhone and watch them on the treadmill. Why yes, I AM bribing myself to work out! If nothing else, I figured that would at least have me working out for 45 minutes. Perfect! Until yesterday - I went to sync my iPhone with my computer (not an uncommon occurance) and it DIED. Like black screen of death died. But it was nice to have a day that I wasn't constantly getting emails/texts/calls.

2. I couldn't get an appointment at an Apple Store until today. And when I went in, they ended up having to give me a new phone. Which was free - yay warrenty!

3. I couldn't remember exactly where the Apple store was. So I walked around in heels that weren't very comfortable. And that gave me a rather large and ouchy blister on my foot. But I did decide that walking in heels definitely negates me having to go to the gym today.

4. I brought my shiny new phone home from the store...and it still didn't work. So then I had to go BACK to the store and wait for 2.5 hours for them to fix it. By giving me ANOTHER new iPhone. Seriously. But the second time they stayed open for me after they were supposed to close and made sure that the new phone would work. AND...I once again have a working phone.

5. I took the dog and the cat to the vet for their semi-annual appointments. Where I was informed that because the cat has dry skin that I would need to give him a BATH with this special shampoo. THREE TIMES A WEEK. Have I ever mentioned that my cat weighs 20lbs? Or mentioned how well it went learned that cat's don't like water when I gave him a bath a few years ago? But both my pets are healthy. And the visit cost 1/4 of what I expected it to.

6. I made brownies when I got home from my marathon stint at the Apple store. And then I promptly fell right on my behind when I slipped in some cooking spray that must have gotten on the floor. But I have brownies!


Anonymous said...

Not to shabby for some Small Things. Now I want brownies. Luckily, I have some "No Pudge" mix at home and it's delicious!

Thanks for the link lovie!

Christina said...

We couldn't have the rainbows without the rain! Yay for you not being too focussed on the rain to even see the rainbow. You've definitely got some good stuff going on!

Unknown said...

And really the greatest thing in the world is to HAVE BROWNIES.

Need to go make some now... :-)

Stacy said...

Oh, that was such a good post! Yep, look at the sunshine through the rain!

Oh, good luck on giving your cat a bath. I think my cat would nearly have a heart attack if she touched water.

At least you have brownies. :o)

Cara said...

I love your excuse for not going to the gym!
MMMM, Brownies!