Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In Which I Beg For Opinions

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I am not particularly known for my decision making skills. I know, I know - somewhat shocking, and yet, somewhat not. I can make big decisions at the drop of a hat. Decisions about patients and work? In a split second. But everyday choices? You'd think I never made a choice in my life!

So, dear friends, here are the things I am currently in desperate need of your assistance with:

1. Embroidery Machines
I've always wanted one. Why? No idea. Probably because I need another hobby like I need a hole in my head, but whatever. So what say you, interwebs? Worth it to get a combo embroidery/sewing machine? Or is machine embroidery terribly difficult and likely to force me to tear my hair out? Please keep in mind, while bald may be beautiful, it won't be a good look for me.

2. Speedlights
Clearly I want one simply because I don't have one. And because I love my camera. And because you never know when I flash might come in handy (and I refuse to use the built in one). So, what does everyone know about speedlights? Or should I stick to just keeping the aperature wide open learn to hold my damn hands more still?

3. Mac vs. PC
The time is coming in which I will need a new computer. Mine still runs just fine, but the memory is just about full. I keep pulling things off (I have an external drive too) but I never seem to free up much space. And I need more battery life -- even fully charged, I can usually only get about 90 minutes of use before I have to plug in or the whole thing shuts down. So, which is better - Mac or PC? I've always had a PC, but now that I've discovered that you can install windows on a Mac and use a bridge program to run PC based things like my versions of lightroom and photoshop, I am open to the idea of a Mac. I think...

Alright -- on your mark, get set, tell me what to do!


Christina said...

Sorry, I can't weigh in on any of those. Never used am embroidery machine, off-camera flash OR Mac!

Jen said...

I can't help with the embroidery machine either. I just have a plain ol' sewing machine and a serger. It probably depends on what you want to do with it mostly.

I do have a speedlight and it is nice, but I haven't taken the time to REALLY learn how to use it. Plus it is pretty big so I find myself leaving it behind.

We just bought a new iMac and it is awesome. There is a bit of a learning curve, but most things are pretty intuitive.

Kimberly said...

Hey Maggie! #2 I can chime in with. I have one and I like to use in indoors at night occasionally. It's nice to have, but it's not an accessory that I use frequently. Gee, that was helpful. Right?

Arizaphale said...

Himself would howl with laughter that you are even ASKING about the mac v pc thing! Every time I whinge about my machine he mutters 'should get a mac' under his breath.
No idea what a speedlight is (until now).
Sewing machines. Do you DO much embroidery? I would go for a serger first. Just my opinion mind you.

Unknown said...

I already told you about #1, and I don't have a #2...so I can't even offer anything on that one. BUT, #3...I have DEFINITE opinions on...

Oh. I *heart* my MacBook. We also have 2 miniMacs in our house and another MacBook (J.'s) - we have become suckered in by all things Apple around here. We have had Macs off and on over the many years - and I just switched back from a PC about 4 years ago...and I don't think I'll ever go back. They are faster, smarter, never get viruses, and once you get it...you will wonder why you ever put up with being so frustrated with a PC. Just my humble opinion of course.

SarahJeanie said...

I love my speedlight and I love all of four of our macs... let me know when you are ready for a discount.... ;-)

jodifur said...

Mac is the best computer I've ever had. And unless you REALLY NEED windows, I can't imagine doing that.

Stacy said...

So do you already have a sewing machine? I don't have an embroidery machine, if that tells you anything. It is on my wish list, though. :)

Get a speedlight. Really. There is only so low you can put your shutterspeed and only so wide you can open up the aperture.

I'm a PC girl. I used a mac laptop many, many moons ago and don't see the big deal. I really don't have problems with my PC. As for the virus issue...the criminals write viruses for PC's because there are so many, NOT because Macs are just immune. One day they may start writing virus codes for Macs, and then I wonder what will happen...

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