Monday, April 26, 2010

Nursery Babies

The well baby nursery is attached to the labor desk at work, so we can see into the nursery while we sit and chart, etc.

We can also hear the nursery. And while new people might be small, when they are pissed off they can sure let you know it. LOUDLY. Well, loudly compared to the sleeping ones anyway. So when the natives are restless children are expressing their opinions, we try to help the nursery out and hold the fussy ones while we chart.

Holding babies is also an excellent way to warm yourself up when it's freezing.

And sometimes we like to play games with the babies. Our favorites are "what should your name be?" (we don't usually know what they are really named, everything just says Baby ______) and "what are you going to be when you grow up?"

We thought this little guy looked awfully smart, so we thought we'd get him used to doctor clothes right away....

or baby 2

or baby

Nice, no?

**Disclaimer: while this baby was in the nursery while I was at work, his mother is a coworker of mine. We do not play dress up or take pictures of the other babies -- although we do hold them until it's time for them to be fed or go out to eat again**



Brittany said...

OH my goodness! That is TOO cute! :)
I was a little worried that my kids had been dressed up in the nursery... lol I feel better knowing you don't do that to every kiddo! haha

soraya nulliah said...

okay-too cute! Is there anything cuter than a little baby-i mean, they don't even have to do anything....just cute-ness to the nth power!!

Christina said...

hehehehe! save those pictures to display at his doctoral graduation ceremony a couple decades from now. ;o)

Lis said...

so precious! and your disclaimer has me laughing still! (i was just in a hospital and my daughter & I went to see the babies ... didn't see any dress up going on there !)

Blue moon mama said...

Too cute!As a new mommy I especially love baby photos. Nothing is better than babies and I say that while holding a fussy baby girl who won"t nap,lol.

Joanna said...

Honestly, what a nice and harmless little game to play to make the day go by....the whole what are you going to be when you grow up and what should your name be. Who wouldnt want to see those sweet little faces all the time, and dressed up like a doctor non the less. Heehee. Way cute.

Cara said...

I think that is just too cute! Do you ever guess their names correctly?
When my youngest was born they had to dig out a hat that would fit him so he stood out from the crowd of babies. Not to mention he was the biggest in the nursery.

Stacy said...

Awww...too cute! I think holding babies sounds like a fine way to pass the time while doing your charts. Wish I could do that while I work. :)

sarah said...

aiieeee! that baby doctor is precious!

for a second, i was like, "how do they not mix up the babies?" and then i remembered that babies are tagged... thus not mix-upable. you'd think that would have occurred to me sooner since i just had a baby 3 weeks ago and removed all 3 tags when we got home. i'm still claiming baby brain.